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Lucyd Audio Eyewear Takes the Spotlight at Miami Swim Week Show

On July 9, 2023, Lucyd Audio Eyewear had the privilege of partnering with renowned swimwear brand Maaji for their highly anticipated Miami Swim Week Show held at the glamorous SLS South Beach Hotel. The event served as a fantastic platform for Lucyd to showcase their innovative audio glasses and be part of the vibrant fashion scene. Lucyd seized this thrilling opportunity to unveil their stunning Sundrop collection, which pays homage to the radiant spirit of Miami's iconic art deco architecture. Inspired by the pastel hues that define South Beach, this collection perfectly captured the essence of our beloved hometown. The runway came alive with a burst of energy as Maaji presented their House of Jaguar collection, showcasing their signature vibrant designs and bold patterns. The fusion of Maaji's captivating swimwear and Lucyd's cutting-edge audio glasses created an unforgettable visual and auditory experience for the audience. Not only did Lucyd Audio Eyewear shine on the runway, but they also had their very own cabana strategically placed in front of the stage. Showcasing their latest audio glasses, attendees had the opportunity to try on and experience the exceptional sound quality and innovative features firsthand. Adjacent to the cabana, a step and repeat provided the perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments, with guests enthusiastically posing for photos. CEO Harrison Gross expressed his excitement about the event, stating, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Maaji and be part of Miami Swim Week. This partnership allowed us to showcase our Sundrop collection, inspired by the vibrant energy of South Beach. The combination of fashion and technology on the runway was truly remarkable." The collaboration between Lucyd Audio Eyewear and Maaji at the Miami Swim Week Show was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the dynamic spirit of Miami. It brought together fashion and technology in a seamless blend, captivating the audience and leaving a lasting impression. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and groundbreaking ventures from Lucyd Audio Eyewear as they continue to redefine the intersection of style and technology. View the full runway show here:
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