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Lucyd at eMerge!

Hey Lucyd fam!

We had a great time at eMerge conference in Miami Beach this week. Over 100 startups and tech companies got together to show their stuff! Our project lead, Harrison, ergonomics advisor Dr. Gross, CFO Konrad, administrator Melissa, and brand manager Josmary all attended the two-day show. 

We had the opportunity to have a huge amount of attendees try on Lucyd Loud 1 & 2—with great results! Almost everyone enjoyed the glasses, and seemed genuinely interested in acquiring a pair. The vast majority had never tried any kind of tech glass, which really underscores just how new our territory is. The group that liked them the most were the high school students at the show, they immediately understood the utility and began discussing use cases with each other. It was very inspiration to the Lucyd team, because there was just so much positive feedback and excitement surrounding our products. (We also had one of the best looking booths!)

Stay tuned for the Loud launch events next weekend!

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