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Lucyd Artwork Competition!

Alright #Lucydfam, get ready to create!

Lucyd is a community-focused business—powered by the people we are building eyewear for. So we're giving you all the chance to make Lucyd's voice your own!

Rev up your photo-editing software and your brain and make an impressive picture, meme, gif or short video (no longer than 60 seconds) connected to the Lucyd brand, logo or products. Also stickers for telegram are welcome! By entering you will be in the running to win prizes out of a prize pool of 18,000 LCD AND have a chance to be featured on Lucyd social media! The goal is to create viral content that shows the power of Lucyd, so that our community can express it's dedication to Lucyd through social media all over the world!

The contest will run from now (23-Jan-2019) for 14 days until 06.Feb.2019 23:59 (UTC-5) and after that a jury of Lucyd staff will choose two winners, one for the most creative and one for the funniest!

Another 8 notable entries will be rewarded with consolation prizes.
Multiple entries by the same person are allowed (there is no limit) and it's also possible to win several prizes, all depends on the quality of your entries.

5,000 LCD+$50 gift card for the most creative artwork
5,000 LCD+$50 gift card for the most funny artwork
8x 1000 LCD for notable entries

Start: 23-Jan-2019
End: 06.Feb.2019 23:59 (UTC-5)

The evaluation by the jury will take up to 7 days from the end of the competition.


  • To submit the artwork you just have to post it in our official Telegram group: together with #artworkcomp
  • Make sure that your content includes an obvious connection to Lucyd and/or Lucyd Loud and/or LCD. The easiest way to achieve that is to insert the full logo or the portal icon.
  • Make sure you choose a quality image/video with high resolution (for a square picture, a size of at least 512x512 is recommended) and most all just let your creativity flow!
  • If different people post the same entry the first one will be considered as the original, so you shouldn't share your artwork before posting it to the Telegram group.
  • Don't delete the post showing your artwork until the contest ends and the winners are announced.
  • Improving artwork from a previous entry or adding new content to an existent entry is allowed.
  • If similar entries (almost same idea, conversion) occur, the former submitted will receive a slight bonus from the jury, so the latter would need a recognizable improvement to match it.
  • With your participation in the contest you also agree that your artwork can used by Lucyd and the community and will be common property.
  • We will directly contact the winners, so don't delete your telegram account. 

The biggest amount of the prize pool was donated by Bitlite, thank you!

Some prompts: a rotating Lucyd portal gif, cartoon filters on Lucyd Loud, or Instagram "puzzles"--when multiple images are used together to create a collage effect. So Lucydfam, it's time to get creative and potentially scoop up a few extra LCD. Can't wait to see what you come up with! 

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