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Benzinga Share The Lucyd X Nautica News

Benzinga were one of the first multi-media companies to share the incredible news that Innovative Eyewear Inc., trading as LUCY on the NASDAQ, have partnered with Nautica, the flagship and principal brand of The Authentic Brands Group. 

We previously gave an insight into Lucyd’s relationship with Nautica on The John Batchelor Podcast in October, but Benzinga was desperate to get some of the scoop too. 

The Nautica smart eyewear collection “powered by Lucyd” is expected to launch just in time for the Holidays this year following Lucyd’s acquisition of an exclusive multiyear license to the Nautica brand for smartglasses.

Our CEO, Harrison Gross, shared this insight with Benzinga  “The Nautica smart eyewear line will stay true to the brand essence, by bringing the inspiration of the sea into smart eyewear that is modern, user-friendly and affordable.” adding that Lucyd are looking to “align perfectly with today’s lifestyle” to help consumers “remain connected to their digital lives” through their eyewear.

Want more Benzinga content, check out Harrison’s October interview too. 

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