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Loud 2020 Music Glasses—Why you should upgrade NOW!

All right Lucyd fam, after two beta version and a year of devleopment, we are thrilled to present Lucyd Loud 2020. 

This all-new version of our popular music glasses hit and Amazon this week, and are overloaded with new features. These improvements are all a result of YOU, our amazing community, whose feedback helped guide us to this amazing new frame. 

The new features include:

  • Crisp, full-range sound, with just the right hit of bass.
  • Improved and expanded touch controls, eliminating the touchpad and moving all functions to the new dual rocker switches. 
  • Improved Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, with near-instant pairing and re-pairing, and enhanced stability over longer distances and with older devices.
  • Improved dual microphones for clear calls and audio recording.
  • Feather-light fit with improved contouring, in Slim and XL sizes, to fit most teens and adults comfortably.
  • Lucyd-exclusive colors and finish, with no other smartglass on the market offering as many options (six new frames in total with over 20 different lenses to pick from). 
  • The same affordable price as the original, just $99 with free US shipping and a 90-day warranty.
  • A seven day risk free trial period where you can try the glasses and return them if needed. 

The new Lucyd Loud are truly the smartest glasses for the price. We're confident you'll love them, so upgrade your eyewear today and start living LOUD!


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