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Living With Lucyd Bluetooth Sunglasses

Living With Lucyd Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bluetooth Sunglasses

With all the hype and controversy over the new Ray-Ban Stories camera glasses, I’ve given some thought to the utility of the Lucyd Lytes I’ve been using since the beginning of the year. Camera glasses may or may not be in our future, but Lucyd’s affordable and easy-to-use glasses are a part of my everyday routine. Whether I’m simply using them for a Zoom call, listening to an Audible book or climbing Mt. Baker, they help me effortlessly enjoy audio and interact with my mobile device without ever taking it out of my pocket. There is no controversy here, Bluetooth audio glasses are an upgrade to almost any activity and simply replace my earbuds.

After some early fits and starts like Google Glass and Snap Spectacles, Smart Eyewear is here to stay and a growing part of the ever-expanding wearables universe. Like most new technologies, it takes some early development and establishment of common use cases before widespread adoption takes place. A robust user community also creates valuable insights for future designs. Every step forward is one closer to more seamless integration with devices, along with less friction when using them.

Convenience, Lucyd’s Killer App

bluetooth glasses lifestyle

After extended use, the thing that makes Lucyd really great for daily use is the convenience factor. Whenever I have them with me, I’m always prepared for a quick call or for using Siri for one of its many uses. Whether I’m using my phone, laptop, or iPad, I can remain focused on whatever activity I’m working on. As I’m on the go often, Lucyd makes joining a last-minute video call effortless and private when I’m in a public setting. I never have to worry about not having my Airpods because they are already in place whenever I have my glasses. My Lucyds are great at keeping a charge as well. I’m looking forward to future innovations from Lucyd now that my current glasses have become an indispensable part of my day. 

How will you use them to enhance your day? Here are a few ideas.


From Guest Writer, John Andrews, Shopper Marketer | 2X Founder/Co-founder & Advisor

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