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Latest Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglass Feature - Decider, Entertainment and Pop Culture Site Goes Undercover

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Originally posted by Tobey Grumet Segal

Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Smart Audio sunglasses are a fun and unexpected alternative to typical headphones and earbuds. Fashionable, lightweight, and easy to set-up, you just connect them to your phone, throw them on and go. No wires, no hassle.

Why We Chose It: The idea of throwing on a pair of shades which double as headphones seemed like an excellent one to us, though we were unsure how it would work in practice. We decided to try the Lucyd Lyte sunglasses because we liked that they come in different colors and styles, and that they are also affordable at just under $150.

Why You Need It: These sunglasses ain’t Gucci, but they’re dope. They come in two styles: the squarer Wayfarer and the self-explanatory Round. Once you decide on the shape, you can choose from black or clear plastic frames with black or white arms. We decided on the Lyte Round in Sunbeam, which is clear plastic frames and white arms.

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