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Is Smart Eyewear the Next Big High Tech Trend?

Smart Eyewear Trend

Smart eyewear is one of the growing sectors of tech that's been around for the past decade. Technology nowadays is all about consolidating multiple high-tech features into one lightweight device, and glasses are no exception.

Currently, you can buy lightweight frames that make phone calls, play music, record video, and more. Wear them when you're biking, walking, or running to keep your hands free and still be in touch with your surroundings. . 

Soon enough, you'll be ditching your handheld smart devices for the kind you wear on your head. 

What else can you expect from the future of smart eyewear... and is it a trending topic to keep an eye on? Read on to find out.

High-Tech Features in Smart Eyewear

One of the many features smart eyewear boasts is phone pairing. Using Bluetooth, you can link up to your smart device with a few taps.

Stream music through your glasses or make phone calls. If a camera is embedded in the frames, you can record video and audio onto your device. Instead of strapping a Go-Pro to your head or endangering your phone, let your frames do all the heavy lifting. 

But smart glasses are good for much more than recreational use. In fact, professionals in all different fields like healthcare and construction have found smart eyewear incredibly useful.

Three of the major functions you can use them for are accessing information, documentation, and communicating without giving up the use of your hands. There are even some smart glasses that can use AR technology to improve your work performance and make tasks much easier. 

Past Projects

Smart eyewear isn't an entirely new idea. In science fiction, they can pull up an array of information, scan objects, and connect to the internet. 

Google was one of the first contenders to try and replicate those high-tech features when they released Google Glass

When Google Glass was first released in 2012, Time Magazine named it the "Best Invention of the Year". Models sported the frames, and tech enthusiasts went crazy for them. The device sported high-tech features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a camera, and voice control.

Three years later the hype died out... Glass had bad battery life and was buggy out of the gate. While it was discontinued, Glass would later return in new iterations from many seeking to innovate. 

Current Smart Eyewear

While Glass continued to have life in the workplace, casual users have turned to other brands in the meantime. Apple has a pair they've been working on, and Facebook is partnering with Ray-Bans for their own version. Bose frames promise full and deep sound all packaged in sunglasses. 

Newer models of smart eyewear focus on enhancing the real world with augmented reality software. This includes using AI to overlay information and display notifications. 

These are just a few of the different products available for purchase.

Lucyd Lyte - High Tech Eyewear

Launched in January of 2021, our Lucyd Lyte eyewear boasts Bluetooth speakers, a noise-canceling mic, and easy touch controls. It's one of the largest lines of Bluetooth prescription glasses currently on the market, and they also are stylish and look great.  


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The speakers within the arms offer a large volume range so you can listen to them wherever you want. Touch controls are also installed in the arms to allow answering calls, adjusting volume, and more. 

Current models allow for 6 to 8 hours of playback with 160 hour standby connection time. 

Customize them with whatever type of lens you need, handled and delivered by Lucyd, and you're good to go. Most importantly, you can get a pair without a prescription for the low price of $149. 

Snap Spectacles 3

Snapchat is another one of the more well-known brands to jump on the smart eyewear trend.

Available in mineral and carbon colors, the Snapchat Spectacles have two cameras that can capture 3D photos and 60 fps video with audio. They pair perfectly with the default app and provide a new way to create content. 

Consumers can purchase the Spectacles 3 online for $380, but they also offer their Spectacles line specifically for creators. 

Spectacles are AR lenses that overlay effects and filters directly onto what you see. It leverages six degrees of freedom as well as object tracking. 

If you love using Snapchat and don't mind the hefty price tag, these might be the pair for you. 

Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon's Echo Frames are glasses that provide audio support and access to their Alexa AI. They also seamlessly integrate with all of Amazon's other products like their smart home devices. 

Echo Frames are available in black, tortoiseshell, and blue colors. While their listed price is $249.99, you can often find them on sale for less. 

Moving Into the Future

Lucyd has recently been named as one of the seven greatest startups to invest in this year. As of August, we've raised over $1 million and are valued at over $20 million. 

Apple's upcoming glasses are rumored to include a removable camera module and accessories to track finger and hand movements. They're also likely to be more expensive than most other offerings currently on the market. 

Needless to say, people are interested in the future of smart eyewear. 

One of the biggest challenges for the industry has to do with the number of components necessary for smart eyewear to be functional and still remain lightweight. These include the various cameras, processors, and batteries that all have to fit into a wearable package. 

Upgrade Your Prescription Eyewear 

With all of the different smart eyewear options on the market, it can be difficult to choose one to purchase. However, people with prescription glasses are often left out unless they invest in contact lenses. 

Lucyd solves that problem by providing quality US-made lenses built into your new Lucyd Lite glasses. Upload your prescription alongside your order and get your new lenses within the week. More complex prescriptions may take up to 10 days before they ship. 

Check them out or contact us to learn more. 

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