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Introducing Eddie Bauer Powered by Lucyd

Welcome to Eddie Bauer Powered by Lucyd – Read on for a deep dive into the new smart eyewear collection.


Our most exciting frames yet are here.

What makes Eddie Bauer Powered by Lucyd special? Just about everything—these models are an end-to-end upgrade over our previous collections. Let’s take a look at what gives these frames the adventuring spirit of Eddie Bauer, and how they’re changing the smart eyewear game for good. 




Eddie Bauer is a 100-year old brand with a legacy of innovation in sport and outdoor lifestyles. This is the brand that brought the down jacket into the world, that clothed the US airmen of WWII, that supplied some of the earliest journeys to Antarctica, and that outfitted the first American to summit Mount Everest. Eddie Bauer products have a history of helping millions of people achieve the impossible, through a combination of durability, utility and innovation. We’re seeking to continue that incredible tradition with our Eddie Bauer smart eyewear collection. 



Meet a well-articulated capsule collection of four luxurious, yet sporty frames designed to suit men and women from all walks of life. These frames are the culmination of years of rigorous smart eyewear R&D by Team Lucyd, and we believe they stand out like no other frames we have produced. 


The Eddie Bauer Powered by Lucyd collection boasts a number of unique features for smart eyewear that provide an unbeatable combination of style and utility. 

  •     Featuring our best audio quality yet for crystal clear music and calls. 
  •     Offers our market-leading battery life of 12 hours of talk/music per charge and 160 hours of standby Bluetooth for notifications.
  •     Connect to ChatGPT in an instant with our AI features (Handsfree on iOS only)  
  •     Our first collection to include a fully-loaded accessory kit with our patent-pending charging dock, a leatherette fold flat case, 5-language manual and more. 
  •     Our most deluxe packaging ever, taking post-consumer materials to new heights for an unbelievable unboxing or gifting experience. The high quality magnetic box is fully reusable and will last a lifetime. 
  •     All frames in the collection feature our patent-pending flex hinges for smart eyewear, allowing them to fit almost any adult. 
  •     Soft-touch matte temples provide a bold and smudge-free look. 
  •     Brushed titanium hardware on all models for durability with an elevated appearance. 
  •     Add your prescription on or with your local eye doctor 
  •     The first ever rimless smartglass, only available in this collection. 

The Explorer – A Havana acetate aviator with subtle chocolate tones, brushed titanium hardware and a sleek matte finish. Features gradient polarized lenses for an elegant appearance. This full-coverage frame is ideal for driving, the beach or simply looking your best on a sunny day. 

The Velocity – A forest-green wayfarer inspired by a fan favorite Eddie Bauer silhouette. An easy-to-wear and familiar style that looks great in any setting and matches just about any outfit. 


The Navigator – A lux pilot aviator with brushed black titanium hardware and ceramic nosepads embossed with the iconic Eddie Bauer goose. Lightweight, comfortable and stylish, and perfect as your go-to pair for prescription wear or sunglass use. 

The Horizon – Now for the coup de grace, the Horizon is the first-ever rimless smartglass in the world, and a stepping-stone into the future of both Eddie Bauer and Lucyd. This incredible frame blends a luxurious, sleek floating lens, with durable matte-finished titanium hardware. Experience the absolute cutting edge of smartglass design with the Horizon style.  


We are not just giving you a great pair of smartglasses with this collection, but a deluxe package with a whole host of high-end enhancements. Enjoy the ease of use of our cordless charging dock, which allows you to charge your glasses just by dropping them on the dock. We also included a travel charging cable and brick so you can charge them on the go. Keep your glasses safe with the fold-flat case, soft slip case or the reusable post-consumer recycled box. Keep them clean with the microfiber cloth. And learn the world of features and utilities they provide with the 5-language manual and quick links to tutorial videos. 



If you’re ready for an elevated smart eyewear experience, with our boldest styles yet, you’re ready for Eddie Bauer Powered by Lucyd. Try them risk-free for a week on and see what these incredible frames can do for you. We guarantee that you’ll love them for work, play and however you move. It’s a new all-around outdoor lifestyle companion that is going to change the smart eyewear game. 

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