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Innovative Eyewear Featured on InvestorPlace - 7 Great Startups to Buy on StartEngine

The latest new ideas to consider now in startup investing on StartEngine

Innovative Eyewear

InvestorPlace provides millions of investors with insightful articles, free stock picks and stock market news. They recently featured Innovative Eyewear as one of the 7 Best Startups to Invest in on StartEngine Now!

Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Audio Glasses

Innovative Eyewear is manufacturing smart glasses with prescription lenses.  It develops and sells cutting-edge eyeglasses and sunglasses that protect your eyes and allow customers to remain safely connected to their digital lives.

The company’s flagship Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth audio glasses enable the wearer to listen to music, talk on the phone, and use voice assistants to perform many common smartphone tasks — hands-free. On top of that, Innovative Eyewear is developing a software app called Vyrb which will enable Lucyd Lyte users to hear and reply to social media posts with their voice, hands-free, through their glasses. This app is expected to launch this September for both iOS and Android devices.

The use of Smartphones presents a safety hazard to pedestrians, cyclists, and many professions, and can distract people from being careful when they have to touch the screen and take their vision off the road. So the idea of using stylish, and technologically advanced eyewear that is comfortable, offering Bluetooth audio glasses that integrate vision correction and protection with your digital life seems an interesting one.

The company can take advantage of having its products at the intersection of three major markets, Hearables, Online Eyewear and Digital Assistants.

Innovative Eyewear has raised $63,551 from 86 investors and $1,053,596 from a previously crowdfunded campaign. The valuation is $20 million and the minimum investment is $199.36.

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