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Innovative Eyewear 101: How to Find the Perfect Tech Sunglasses

innovative eyewear

Between 2021 and 2025, many forecast that the smart glasses market will grow to be worth more than $69 million

Tech sunglasses are on the rise in popularity. Improvements for tech and augmented reality glasses are happening in leaps and bounds these days. A few years ago, there weren't many options available. Now, there are multiple brands releasing new versions with new advancements

The increase in alternatives means needing to know what qualities you're looking for in your innovative eyewear. Keep reading to find out the different factors you should keep in mind while shopping!

Why Do You Want Innovative Eyewear?

One of the leading factors to take into consideration is the reason why you want tech glasses. For what purpose do you intend to use these sunglasses?

Sure, you want comfortable sunglasses with lightweight frames but are still strong and durable. What else, though? 

A few aspects to keep in mind include:

  • The level of noise pollution you'll be around could affect voice control and speech-to-text features
  • Lighting that might influence the filming capability of the camera or the quality of augmented reality elements
  • The temperature range of where you live could have an impact on the smart sunglasses

However, your primary concern should be ensuring the smart sunglasses don't limit your movements. After all, you want your wearable technology to be both high-quality and comfortable.

What Features Do You Want or Need?

bluetooth sunglasses features

Smart glasses have a vast range of capabilities. Some specialize in augmented reality, while others are better suited to listening to music and answering phone calls. Take the LUCYD LYTE® sunglasses as an example. They are Bluetooth frames that have open-ear playback with flush speakers in each arm, as well as touch controls on the arms for call answering and play/pause of music, and more.

Here's a list of criteria to keep in mind while looking at the latest trends in tech sunglasses models:

Durability - What activities will you be doing while wearing your sunglasses? If you lead an active lifestyle, you'll want eyewear that is robust enough to withstand accidental drops.

Weight - For how long do you wear your sunglasses? A few hours or the entire day? If you intend to wear them for a long time, then you'll want eyewear that's light and won't start to make the bridge of your nose hurt.

Field of view - Depending on the activities you'll be doing, you might want to keep in mind the field of view you'll have when wearing the sunglasses.

Microphone quality - If the smart glasses have voice-activated tech, then you'll want to check that it has good microphone quality to ensure accurate voice recognition.

Camera resolution - Do you want to use your smart sunglasses to record stunning vistas of places you're vacationing at? If so, make sure the eyewear has good camera resolution so that you can capture high-res images.

Wi-Fi performance - Practically everything has built-in Wi-Fi capability these days, and tech sunglasses are no exception. If you hope to listen to music or answer calls while away from home, then look for eyewear that's able to maintain connectivity and has good battery life.

Battery capacity - Plan to be out and about for long stretches of time? Won't be near an outlet to charge for hours on end? Then you'll want your eyewear to have excellent battery duration and maybe various options for charging. For example, some eyewear has built-in rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries.

Operating system - Every major company is jumping into the game of creating the latest innovative eyewear. Decide which operating system you want your eyewear to have, whether that's Android, Linux, or Windows.

Decide which criteria are the most important to you and then shop around for tech glasses that possess these qualities. 

Is There Support Available?

With smart sunglasses comes the drawback of sometimes needing tech support. 

For any tech eyewear you look at, make sure there are support features available for that model. You'll want remote support to be an option, for one. After that, look into whether there's a hardware swap service in case your tech sunglasses break. 

What Is Your Face Shape?

bluetooth sunglasses styles

After you've decided on all the tech aspects that you want, the next consideration is finding sunglasses that look good on your face. This can be a more difficult task than it sounds.

The main categories of face shapes are:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart
  • Triangular
  • Oval

Once you've identified what your face shape is, then you can move onto discovering what styles of sunglasses will compliment your features.

Square Face

People with square faces should look for thin, rounded frames. You'll also want the frames to be a bit wider on the side. The best eyewear shapes for square faces are either round or oval frames.

Round Face

Those with round faces have soft curves and smooth lines. The cheeks are often full and the chin rounded. When selecting sunglasses for this face shape, you'll want to look for angles.

Heart Face

A heart-shaped face is often thought of as one of the more versatile face shapes. This is because almost anything looks good on a heart face. For this face type, you can select almost any style of sunglasses and they'll look great on you, so congrats!

Triangular Face

When the face's length is a bit more than the width, then this is a triangular face. They often have a wide, square chin with narrow cheekbones and forehead. Look for sunglasses that can help broaden the upper half of the face. Large framed sunglasses with a broad upper part look great on triangular faces, as do round glasses.

Oval Face

Like the heart-shaped face, people with an oval face look great in most frame shapes. Those with an oval face have a narrow forehead and chin. While most sunglasses shapes will look good on an oval face, the styles that work best are square, rectangular, or geometric shapes.

Tech Sunglasses That You'll Love

There are many different brands of innovative eyewear out there and Lucyd is one of the leading ones. Lucyd is funded by tech enthusiasts all around the world.

Take a look at our collection of products to find the perfect tech sunglasses that meet your needs!

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