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Lucyd Review - Lyte Wayfarer Bluetooth Glasses Reviewed By HowMuchTech

Lucyd Review - Lyte Wayfarer Bluetooth Glasses Reviewed By HowMuchTech

HowMuchTech channel specializes in everything new and high technology such as smart phones and computers, this video is their video review our Lucyd Lyte Wayfarer Audio Glasses.

HowMuchTech LucyD Bluetooth Glasses Review:
Smart glasses are still largely considered novelty devices, but they also reflect the most fun and futuristic parts of the wearable gadget world. Whether you're looking for stylish sunglasses that double as a pair of headphones or a high tech wearable that supports augmented reality experiences, the smart glasses market is diverse and interesting.

In this video, we are reviewing Lyte, the new generation of smart eyewear from Lucyd. They have two frames styles, Wayfarer and Round, and six shades, Darkside, Eclipse, Lytening, Moonshot, Moonbeam, and Sunbeam. In our review we have Wayfarer style with Lytening shades. The Lucyd Lyte really set the standard for high-quality sunglasses and not only that but smart wearables. Being able to listen to the audio, be it from music or your phone calls with the built-in speakers and microphone, no longer having to worry about earphones falling out, or squelching the sound around that matters. You're able to take calls hands-freely easier than ever with the push of a button and adjust the volume with the same buttons, as well as activate your voice assistant, be it Siri or Google Assistant, with the ability to connect to any of your smart devices with Bluetooth capability.

So let's see what's inside the box. So before we begin testing Lucyd Lyte glasses, we need to put them on charge for about two hours as they mentioned in the quick start guide. Easy-to-use USB magnetic charging cable with wall adapter. Rock out all day with six to eight hours of playback for a two-hour charge, 160 hours standby connection time. That means a typical user who listens to one hour of music per day will only need to charge their glasses once a week or so. The red LED will light on each arm when charging. Glasses automatically turn on and begin pairing when disconnected from the charger.

The Lucyd Lyte glasses have some great features like rapid pairing with Bluetooth 5.0 and automatic reconnection. Also automatically seeks connection when removed from the charger without forgetting the clear sound quality for calls, music, and podcasts. Lucyd Lyte glasses are light. They fit my head perfectly and comfortable enough to wear them all day. I spent an entire day with the Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth speaker glasses and loved every minute of it. Lucyd Lyte lets you answer calls with a simple tap either button, or hold it for two seconds to decline without digging around for your phone. Another great feature is being able to connect with your phone's digital assistant. I was able to tap a button and ask Google Assistant or Siri on iPhones.

All in all, these glasses check a lot of boxes for me, strong sound and battery life being first and foremost. Thank you for watching.

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