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How To Use Bluetooth Glasses For PC Gaming

Do you find that the wires of traditional gaming headsets are cumbersome and annoying? If so, Bluetooth glasses for gaming may be just what you need.  

These special glasses have been designed specifically for gamers and allow players to immerse themselves in their favorite game without straining their eyes. While smart glasses may seem like regular glasses, they can actually come equipped with technology that blocks out blue light from screens and allows players to use them long into the night or early morning hours. They also offer features such as noise cancelation and even prescription lenses. So what do you say? Ready to look like a pro gamer? 

Using Bluetooth glasses as gaming equipment

Instead of using a headset, Bluetooth glasses can be used to protect your eyes from harmful blue light, and provide an excellent sound to fully experience the gaming world. You can also opt for prescription computer glasses within your Bluetooth glasses, making it a two in one solution.

One thing to note about Bluetooth glasses is that they can’t connect to all gaming consoles. The glasses work best for PC and phone gaming, especially Teamspeak and Discord. If Xbox is your go-to, the glasses can be paired with Xbox Live when using the Xbox Live phone app. And because the glasses are versatile, they can be used when you’re out of the house, like when commuting on trains or busses.

gaming with bluetooth glasses

Benefits of using Bluetooth and blue light computer glasses

Bluetooth glasses allow gamers to play their games hands-free by using special technology to connect easily with smartphones or tablets.  

Blue Light Protection

Harvard Health studies have shown that high exposure to blue light from your PC and Xbox decreases melatonin levels and results in poor sleep quality. However, wearing blue-light-blocking glasses after 6 pm has been proven to improve your circadian rhythm and help your mind and body prepare for a good night of sleep. 

Sharp audio

Each arm of Bluetooth glasses is equipped with flush speakers that produce a large sound volume. So even in noisy environments, you can trust that the glasses provide you with clear listening.

If you are live streaming or playing online, the glasses come with a noise-canceling microphone for a crisp audio display.

Touch controls

For an easy gaming experience, the arms enable a selection of high-utility touch controls. These controls include volume adjustment, voice assistance activation, and play/pause if you choose to game with background music.

Bluetooth 5.0

The Lucyd Bluetooth glasses can connect to most PCs and smartphones within a 50-foot range providing you with more opportunities to game. 

All-day battery life

There’s no need to worry about constantly having to charge your glasses and interrupt your gaming zone. With Bluetooth glasses, you’ve got 160 hours standby connection time - if you were to listen to an hour of audio per day, you’d only need to charge the glasses once a week.

Prescription Bluetooth glasses

Wearing glasses on top of a heavy headset is a no-no. Not only does it feel bulky and inconvenient, but it also causes most gamers to sit in uncomfortable positions to see the screen clearly.

When ordering your Bluetooth glasses from Lucyd, you can simply use the ‘add prescription’ button to upload your prescription. Plus, non-prescription lenses can be swapped easily by hand. 

Feel free to check out our post on the difference between headsets and Bluetooth glasses. 

Is Gaming Eyewear Worth It?

Whether you play on a console or your computer, these glasses can help improve your overall experience and protect your eyes. For example, if you’re gaming for hours on end, you’ve probably noticed how tired your eyes begin to feel, which results in you losing focus on the screen. Investing in a good pair of blue-light-blocking gaming glasses prevents your eyes from experiencing harmful blue light rays and provides you with a clear gaming experience. And if it couldn’t get any better, they also feature great audio systems, so there’s no need to wear a headset. 

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