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How To Swap Your Lucyd Glasses Lenses

How To Swap Your Lucyd Glasses Lenses

When you first purchase your Lucyd Bluetooth glasses or sunglasses, you would have been asked to select a lens color. You may have found it hard to choose at the time, which is understandable; we have 15 colored lenses to choose from in addition to our clear anti-reflect lenses. 

If you want to shake things up, you can buy extra lenses in the color you’re craving. Pick your colored glasses lenses yourself or opt for our pack of three Bluetooth glasses lenses, giving you a choice between yellow, red, and blue lenses.

Please note that if you want to add a prescription to your colored lens, you’ll need to opt for these and follow the instructions to add your prescription.

When they arrive, it’s time to swap them out as the mood takes you. Go from office to party in these four easy steps. 


How to swap out your Lucyd glasses lenses

Before we begin, we’d like to mention that you shouldn’t try to swap out prescription glasses lenses yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a refresh! Just send them to us, and we’ll take care of everything for you. You can send everything to us (frames and lens), or you can send your frames ahead of ordering your colored lenses to speed things up. 

OK, here’s what you have to do:


Step 1: Line up your new glasses lenses 

Make sure they are the right way up, so you know which is the right and left lens. For example, our ‘round’ lenses will have a distinctive curve. If you aren’t sure, hold them up against your frames to check.

Step 2: Pop out your old glasses lenses 

Open your glasses and face them away from you (as though you were about to put them on), and upside down. Next, press your thumbs on the inside of the lens at the bottom of the glasses and apply a little bit of force. They should pop right out.

Step 3: Insert your new glasses lenses 

Turn the glasses so that they are facing towards you and are the correct way up. Next, fit the lenses into the top of the glasses rim and push them in. Next, pull on the bottom of the rim slightly so that you can push the bottom of the lens in.

It may feel like you need a little more force to do this, which is absolutely normal. It may be helpful to turn the frames as you insert the lens, whatever is the most comfortable for you.

Step 4: Clean your lenses

You’ll probably have a ton of smudge marks on your glasses lenses from your fingers. Give them a quick clean using our cleaning fluid or lens wipes.

Feel free to watch our video tutorial too:

And there you have it! Easy, right?

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team using the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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