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How to Prevent Scratches on Sunglasses

scratches on sunglasses

Who doesn't love a new pair of sunglasses? There's always a new style of sunglasses to go with just about any outfit you own. The sun is glowing on your face and the breeze is blowing through your hair. 

You have the perfect pair of sunglasses on your face, and life is perfect. Wait one second... what's causing your vision to be so blurry out the right side of your glasses? It's a scratch! 

Scratches on sunglasses could be detrimental. All it takes is one scratch to blur your vision and cause you to never wear those sunglasses again unless repaired. Rather than waiting until you find a scratch, focus on preventing scratches on lenses.

There are a few different sunglasses care tips you can use to ensure your sunglasses are never scratched. Continue reading below to learn how to prevent scratched glasses!

Always Use the Case

When you purchase quality sunglasses, they'll most likely come with a case. This case is specifically designed to fit those sunglasses perfectly. You have the case, but how often do you use it? 

When you're not wearing your glasses, where do you keep them? If you take them off in the car, where do you place them? It's important to use the case at all times whenever not wearing the glasses. 

The case will protect the glasses from being scratched and from other damages as well. It could be a good idea to purchase a second case for the glasses so you can keep one in the car and one at home. Always having a case with you in your purse or bag or in your car is ideal. 

Try to avoid placing your sunglasses in a bag or purse without putting them in the case first. 

Remove Glasses With Care

A common way people scratch their sunglasses is when removing them. Each time you remove your sunglasses from your face, you should remove them with care. Rather than holding the sunglasses by the rims of the lens, grab them by the temples. 

Your fingers should avoid touching the frame of the glasses and lens this way. Even if you can grasp ahold of the glasses by the rims without touching the actual lens, it's best not to take this approach. You could accidentally touch the lens while holding them by the rims and cause a scratch. 

When you hold the glasses by the temples, using both hands on either side, you also reduce the risk of accidentally dropping the glasses.

Set Them Down the Right Way

Now that you know how to take the glasses off the right way, let's focus on how to set them down once you take them off. If you don't have a case with you, and you must take the sunglasses off, then be sure to never put them on a surface with the lens down. The best way to put the glasses down when you don't have the case is to put them upside down with the temples open.

This will help the sunglasses be more stable. You should also pay close attention to the location where you put the glasses down at. Try to avoid any place where they can easily be knocked over or having something spilled or splashed on them. 

If inside your home, try to put them down in the same place each time to avoid losing them and to help you remember that's where the glasses are so you don't accidentally knock them over. 

Clean With the Right Products

What type of cleaner do you use to clean your sunglasses? The cleaning products you use on your sunglasses should be made specifically to clean the sunglasses with. You should avoid using any other type of chemical or cleaner. 

Using cleaners not made to clean sunglasses could damage the film on the glasses and even scratch them. When you purchase the sunglasses, look for cleaner as well. Purchase them together and only use that cleaner on them. 

Don't Wipe With a Towel or Shirt

How many times have you noticed a smudge on your sunglasses and reached down for the bottom of your shirt to wipe it with? although t-shirt, napkins, and towels are all common items used to clean the lens of glasses. However, you should avoid using all of these materials. 

You'll want to use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe them with instead. When you purchase the sunglasses, the case should also come with a small, soft cloth to wipe them with. 

Avoid Wiping Dry Lens

Whenever possible, avoid wiping the lens when dry. There might come a time or two when you need to quickly wipe down the lens and don't have a cleaner to spray on them first. You should do your best to keep a cleaner on you at all times. 

Wiping them while dry increases the risk of scratches. There are small spray bottles of cleaner you can purchase to keep in your purse, car, and bag. 

Say Goodbye to Scratches on Sunglasses

Are you tired of finding new scratches on your sunglasses each time you put them on? You can say goodbye to scratches on sunglasses today by following all of the helpful tips and advice listed here in this guide! With proper handling and care, your sunglasses will last years.

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