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Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers 2021 | Gadgets & Electronics

The holiday season is upon us, and if you're looking for a way to show your tech-savvy loved ones how much they mean to you, this guide will help you find the perfect gift. From stocking stuffers to gifts for those who have everything, there's something here for everyone. Happy shopping!

Ultimate tech holiday gift guide

This ultimate holiday tech gift guide will help you out while giving the gift of information. We've compiled a list of some awesome items for any tech-junkie, whether you're buying for someone who loves photography gadgets, gaming supplies, or just needs an upgrade on their smartwatch. 

Lucyd Bluetooth smart glasses

Lucyd Bluetooth glasses are the answer to every tech-savvy, active person's prayers. With a sleek, sophisticated design and built-in Bluetooth speakers, navigate your day from music to phone calls with just a swipe on its built-in frames.  

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers 2021 | Gadgets & Electronics

The smart features of the glasses allow you to use voice assistance to activate various epic features tech-junkies will appreciate. Call an Uber, find restaurant recommendations, get directions, send a message, listen to your emails, or even take a memo without relying on your cell phone. 

Lucyd glasses also come with the option to add prescription lenses, making them the perfect Christmas gift idea for anyone. And as a bonus, they block out blue light, meaning you’re doing less damage to your eyes if someone spends a large part of the day at a PC or on their phone.


PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 console delivers never-before-seen renderings, 4K graphics, and dynamic on-screen lighting. In addition, the dual custom SSD storage keeps up with every game on the market for maximum performance. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers 2021 | Gadgets & Electronics

It's more than just a games console; it immerses you deep in your favorite titles to give an unparalleled, life-like experience. Load times are lightning fast with the ultra-high-speed SSD, and you'll be able to really feel just how deep you're getting into your games with support for haptic feedback. 

Lucyd Bluetooth glasses come fitted with blue-light-blocking lenses. This filter prevents eye strain and tension caused by staring at your gaming screen for too long, and because blue light is removed, you’re able to gain a better quality of sleep. This makes the glasses the perfect accessory and stocking filler for the PlayStation. 

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the most complete and revolutionary smartwatch available. The Apple Watch Series 7 has the most advanced display yet - 40% larger than the previous model. In addition, all-day heart monitoring, automatic activity tracking, and helpful notifications help you lead a healthier life without breaking a sweat.

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers 2021 | Gadgets & Electronics

Made with precisions, highlights of this newest device include:

  • 33% faster charging
  • Can connect to Lucyd Bluetooth smart glasses
  • 70% brighter indoors

iPhone 13 Pro

Bring the professional camera into your phone with this powerful upgrade on the popular iPhone 13. With a sleek body and ergonomic design, you can easily take clear and perfect shots for all of your social media posts in daily scenarios like weddings and graduations. Take clearer selfies in darker settings and keep your focus on what's important when sorting through old family photos. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers 2021 | Gadgets & Electronics

The iOS interface also makes it easy to upload these images onto any device or wi-fi network, which means freeing up space for other apps without worrying about forgetting an SD card again. 

This gadget connects to smart glasses, too, so you’ll always be able to listen to music and podcasts on the go, as well as answer and make calls, and activate voice assistance

GoPro Hero10

GoPro Hero10 is the most powerful GoPro camera for 2021. It shoots 5.3K video, 23MP photos, and delivers steady footage with its new GP2 processor. Once you've tamed your beasts, share them on an easy-to-use interface built to satisfy both the everyday user and the most advanced content creators. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers 2021 | Gadgets & Electronics

This flat lens camera comes with Touch Accelerometer and SuperPhoto & HDR modes for low light conditions. If you’re feeling extra generous, sneak in a few accessories like the media pod, 3-in-1 grip tripod, or a protective case.

iMuto 20000mAh Power Bank

The iMuto 20000mAh Power Bank isn’t for the faint of heart. This power machine packs quite a punch in its little metal frame! But it also features some more convenient features so you can stay in charge on the go!

iMuto 20000mAh Power Bank

It charges itself via any USB port - plugs include kind C, micro USB, and iPhone connectors. It also comes with built-in short circuit protection and has an LED flashlight to help out when your phone is drained too much to be illuminated.

With this power bank, a tech-lover always has access to their favorite gadgets, no matter where they might be.

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