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Golfers Sunglasses: Hitting The Links With Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglasses

Golfers Sunglasses: Hitting The Links With Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglasses

From Guest Writer, John Andrews, Shopper Marketer | 2X Founder/Co-founder & Advisor

After more than four decades of being a hacker, I’m finally taking golf lessons and working to improve my game. I’ve enjoyed my hacker status and make my way around the course just fine, but my frequent golf partner Erik, and his friends, are pretty good golfers and I always feel like my game is dragging theirs down. In any case, this year I resolved to finally go to work on the fundamentals of the game starting with my swing, which can best be described as ‘spirited’. I signed up for a slate of classes at Golftec, a company that uses digital technology to help golfers improve their game. There is nothing like seeing live side by side comparisons of your swing next to pro golfers to visibly demonstrate how out of whack your swing is.


Music When Golfing

As any pro knows, concentration is a big part of the game. I am finding during my practice sessions at Golftec, It is helpful to intensely focus and remove all outside distractions. The Golftec practice bays really help, but I find when I hit the driving range and also head out for a round, it takes a bit more to really keep my head in the game. Many studies show that music can help focus on different tasks from exercise to work, depending on the kind of music. For a repetitive task like a golf swing, several medical studies show an improvement in performance when listening to specific kinds of music. One study featured in JAMA showed a measurable improvement in speed and accuracy among surgeons who listened to music during their surgeries. Golf isn’t exactly surgery but I figured music could help since I frequently listen to music during workouts, bike rides, and hiking to help motivate and pass the time.

Part of the enjoyment of golf is its connection with nature and the outdoors so I don’t want to cut myself off with headphones... and you’d look pretty silly playing a round with friends with them plugged in your ears. However, the open ear listening provided through Lucyd’s bluetooth sunglasses are perfect for golf and staying connected while having some music playing to help with concentration. I find that Apple Music can generate a great playlist of concentration music that really helps me focus. With Lucyd’s bluetooth range, I can easily connect to my phone in a golf cart yards away or even my Apple Watch for uninterrupted sound. None of my golfing companions can hear the sound coming from my glasses thanks to their bone-conduction technology, and I am able to deeply focus on my swing mechanics when preparing and swinging.

bluetooth sunglasses

I appreciate the concentration enhancement that Lucyd has brought to my golf game, and many other activities that I enjoy, that just wouldn’t be appropriate or safe with headphones (please don’t ride your bike while blocking outside sounds). My game is slowly improving thanks to my hard work, and technology provided by Lucyd and Golftec. Recently I shared my playlist with my friend and business partner Ted Rubin, and now he is taking his Lucyd Lyte bluetooth sunglasses to the driving range.

The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.” -Gary Player


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"I'm thrilled to join Lucyd because of their commitment to improving the vision of people worldwide. Lucyd's partnership with the charity New Eyes, which empowers children and adults with the opportunity to pursue a better quality of life, directly aligns to my goals and beliefs," said Chris Clark.

A Diversity, Inclusion & Outreach focused Initiative bringing Educational Mentorship - Read full story here

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