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Harrison Gross Is Interviewed for The John Batchelor Show

Harrison Gross Is Interviewed for The John Batchelor Show

The John Batchelor Show has long been a podcast that Lucyd CEO Harrison Gross has wanted to be on and after admiring the straight-talking approach of John Batchelor from afar, Harrison got the chance to talk all things Lucyd, including an incredibly fresh partnership and announcement.


Main Interview Takeaways

Lucyd are changing the optical market by delivering tech enhancements and as John Batchelor said ‘you're taking old fashioned 20th century glasses and putting it together with new fashioned products’. Here are some of the key interview takeaways;

We’ve signed a multy-year deal with Nautica - Established in 1983 by David Chu and his partner and now owned by Authentic Brands Group, Nautica is one of the most desired sustainability focused outerwear brands in the world. Available in more than 65 countries and spanning over 35 product categories, the brand is synonymous with both quality and design. Therefore they make the perfect licensing partner for Lucyd. Innovative Eyewear Inc have signed a multi-year licensing deal which will see the ‘first fashion branded smart eyewear product’ in 2023.

60% increase in pedestrian fatalities - This increase in fatalities between 2008 and 2018 has been attributed to the distractions of smartphones and the increased wearing of in-ear products like earbuds and earpods. Integrating smart glasses, such as Lucyd frames into your daily routine will not just free up your hands, but the open ear technology makes you a safer pedestrian than if you were wearing earbuds.

Safety glasses are coming for Lucyd - While ‘ready to wear sunglasses’, ‘optical eyeglasses’ and ‘sport frames’ have made up the vast majority of our products and revenue over the last couple of years; the fourth category we are going to be attacking in Q1 of 2023 is ‘safety glasses’. Contractors who for many years have been struggling with the challenge of communicating with team members through an archaic walkie-talkie while trying to carry out a hands-on task will be able to step into the 21st century with the new Lucyd Safety Glasses in 2023. This is going to revolutionise workplaces across America.


Check out the full podcast here

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