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Exercising With Glasses: How to Keep Glasses Safe and on Your Face

Exercising With Glasses: How to Keep Glasses Safe and on Your Face

exercise with glasses

If you’re a fitness enthusiast with impaired vision, you’re probably familiar with the nightmare of exercising with glasses.

Whether you’re playing pickup basketball, going mountain biking, or doing burpees in your backyard, the tiniest hint of sweat can be all it takes to let your glasses start sliding down your face. Worse, this problem can be inconvenient and even dangerous with certain workouts, not to mention the risk of your glasses falling to the ground and getting damaged!

Switching to contact lenses can be an easy fix, but if you’d rather stick with your usual frames, and have access to bluetooth glasses technology—or if you’re unable to wear contacts—you’ll need to address this annoying workout issue.

Fortunately, there are a few easy tactics that can help you get your workouts in gear with less hassle. Here are a few workarounds to help you keep your glasses on your face during even the most intense workouts.

Find Frames that Fit Your Face

First things first: the easiest way to keep glasses on during a workout is to wear a pair that fits your face!

Finding the right pair of glasses can feel harder than it sounds, but a few simple tips can help. It’s a good idea to start by considering the basics, including the shape and size of your face. You can check these measurements yourself, or you can go to a professional for advice.

When it comes to exercise, it’s crucial to make sure that the temples of the glasses—meaning the foldable arms—fit well around your ears. This ensures that they stay in place even during a fast-paced workout.

In addition, aim for a pair that sits comfortably on your nose. In some cases, getting a pair with adjustable nose pads can help, as you’ll be able to make changes to the fit yourself: all you’ll have to do is squeeze them closer so they can better grip your nose.

Wear Glasses Designed for Workouts

If you’re hoping to find the perfect exercise glasses with less hassle, it helps to grab a pair designed with workouts in mind. High-quality sports eyewear is designed to perform well during athletic use, meaning you run less risk of your glasses falling off at a key moment!

This is the case with our Lyte® Sport glasses, which are durable enough to stand up to an intense workout and lightweight enough not to weigh you down. Check them out to see if athletic eyewear solves your workout hassles!

Get Your Frames Adjusted

If you have an existing pair of glasses that keep falling off your face, you may not be out of luck yet.

A professional can try a range of strategies to help keep your glasses on your head where they belong, from tightening the screws to adjusting the temples. They can also help advise you on specific tactics to keep your glasses from slipping based on the fit, the frames, and your face type.

Depending on your needs, you may also be able to do some simple DIY adjustments on your own.

However, note that some types of adjustments will require help from a pro. While wireframe temples bend with ease, you’ll be hard-pressed to safely do the same with plastic frames, which need to be warm before they’ll bend. In these cases, DIY adjustments aren’t recommended!

Address the Sweat Issue

For most fitness enthusiasts, the problem isn’t the fit of the frames but the sweat that allows them to fall off your face. If you’re looking for a quick, no-frills approach to the issue, considering tactics to address your sweat will work for most workouts.


Grabbing a sweatband can keep your face and forehead dry, and it may be the only thing you need to keep your glasses where they belong. Plus, these inexpensive accessories have become more fashionable in recent years, meaning you won’t have trouble finding them in different styles and stores.

Glasses Straps

Glasses straps are another popular tactic. As their name suggests, these head straps can keep your frames snug on your face despite any slippery sweat. All you’ll do is attach the strap to the temples and secure it to the back of your head.

Glasses Wax

Glasses wax can be another easy trick. This popular fix comes in a tube resembling lip balm, and it’s designed to go on the nosepiece of your frames to help keep them from slipping off during a workout.

The only major setback, however, is that you may need to reapply it more than once during a longer workout.

Temple Grips

You can also get your hands on a range of devices that enhance the grip of the temples. These include rubber grip strips and ear hooks that you can slide on and off of your frames. With these devices on your glasses, you’ll increase the friction of your frames against your ear, making it harder for them to fall off.

If you’d like to test the effect of this technique without making a purchase, you can also try using hair ties around the temples of your glasses. Looping thin hair ties around the temples can increase your frames’ grip by a minimal amount.

Note, of course, that all of the tactics above will only work well with frames that already fit your face. Your mileage may vary with frames that feel loose even outside of a workout!

Try These Workarounds for Exercising With Glasses

There’s no getting around it: exercising with glasses can be a pain sometimes. Luckily, a few easy tricks can help you find better frames for your workouts or keep your favorite pair in place.

As you work to make the most of your exercise, don’t forget to consider the unique benefits of the right glasses. If you’re ready to opt for better frames for your fitness goals, check for a Lucyd seller near you or start an online order today!

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