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Enhanced Winter Sports With Lucyd Lytes Bluetooth Audio Glasses

Breckenridge Colorado

From Guest Writer, John Andrews, Shopper Marketer | 2X Founder/Co-founder & Advisor

Our family hasn’t traveled via air since the beginning of the pandemic in March of last year. Like most, we had a bit of cabin fever and some degree of FOMO. We felt it better to be safe than sorry and have only taken a couple of road trips to see family and friends. Last September, we decided to book a trip that coincided with our daughter’s Easter break which started April 1st, gambling that travel would be safer and that the vaccine rollout might happen faster than expected. To extend the gamble, we chose a ski vacation that may or may not have panned out due to the weather. Thankfully, we were lucky on both fronts, getting our first round of vaccines a couple of weeks before the trip and loads of high-elevation snow in Colorado.

This was also my first long-distance trip with my Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Glasses. I looked forward to using them during my flight to listen to a book and music. But the outdoors is where they really shine. Skiing was excellent with my Lucyds as they enabled me to hear what was going on around me, talk to my wife and daughter while discretely listening to a little Robert Palmer and Sam Cooke. Even better, I could easily communicate with the ski-slope staff during lift transitions. There is nothing worse than someone with a set of earphones that is oblivious to everything around them. I could also hear everything going on around me and was able to be aware of other skiers overtaking me, and therefore having a much safer experience.

Bluetooth Speaker Glasses

Smart Glasses = Enhanced Experience

The best enhanced-glasses experience however was definitely my first time on a snowmobile. Starting at the base near Leadville, Colorado, our tour went up to around 13,000 feet and overlooked the headwaters of the Arkansas River and two of the three tallest peaks in the state. Again, a little music made the ride fantastic and my lenses really enhanced the view. I was once again able to stay in complete connection with the world around me and hear the wind rushing by, as our sleds climbed these beautiful mountains. My Lucyds were snug, unobtrusive, and provided clear quality sound. I look forward to my next outdoor activity with my Lucyd Lyte #BluetoothSunglasses providing the soundtrack.



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