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Lucyd Lyte Review By Christopher Lewis

Lucyd Lyte Review By Christopher Lewis


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Hey, everyone, this is Chris from Dad of Divas. And today I am talking about Lucyd again, and some of you may remember that I did try some Lucyd eyewear glasses. I'm gonna say it might have been six months, eight months ago. And I shared that experience with you had a great experience. They have some brand new glasses that are out.

And I am really excited to be able to talk to you about that. Share with you that the Lucyd Lyte glasses are. They have some brand new frames and brand new opportunities for you to be able to not only get great eyeglasses that are prescription, but you can also get non prescription, but also some amazing sunglasses if you want them. That way, I ended up getting some sunglasses to be able to allow for me to be able to go biking and just get outside. But the nice thing about these glasses is the fact that you have the opportunity to be able to connect them through Bluetooth to your phone, to be able to listen to music, to be able to listen to podcast, to be able to do whatever you want to do.

The pairing is really easy. And basically the sound is bone conducting, so it goes right through the bone in your head so that you're hearing it inside. So you're not closing up your ears. You're actually hearing everything through the glasses themselves through Bluetooth. So let me show what I've got here.

This is the box that it comes in and you can order right on their website.

Dad of Divas Review

Okay. So I'm going to open this up and try to open it up. Here we go. There's a little magnet on it, so it's a little bit harder to so as you can see here, these were the glasses that I ordered audio glasses, Bluetooth 5.0 Dynamic stereo. You can see they're a little bit thicker, but that's because of the electronics that are in them.

There's the Lucyd logo.

So here I'll show you what they look like on me anyways. Turned it around. So not bad, right? Not bad. Not bad myself.

They're actually nice and dark. So when you do go outside into the sun, you'll get good coverage to be able to protect your glasses or protect your eyes. And these are prescription. And they are progressive lenses. I ended up having a new prescription that brought in some progressive lenses.

So the prescription is good. It actually is very equivalent to my regular glasses. I like how dark they are. And the right here is a little button. And actually there's a button on either side.

You hold those two buttons in to pair it with your phone or with your device. And then what ends up happening is that anything on that device will come through your glasses themselves. So that being said, other than that, show you there's other things inside here. It does come with more things inside the box itself. And I've not unboxed this, but it's actually quite heavy, and I'm going to just going to bring everything out so you can see what's all in here.

Okay, so everything right there is what comes with it. So you got your charger. And the thing with this is that what you're going to find is that both sides of your glasses have to be charged, so that fees connect in with the glasses themselves. 

Charge your glasses on both sides. This is kind of a bag that you can use for the glasses themselves. Or this is actually a case. Now it looks flat, but actually it folds out into a trifold, and it's actually quite large, so you can either have a hard case or a soft case. It also comes with a cloth that you can use to clean your glasses, which is really nice.

So you're getting everything. The cost of the glasses. They're pretty equivalent to a regular price glasses, but these are the Bluetooth. So your price is going to be a little bit higher in that regard.

Dad of Divas Review

I think the base price on these were one. If I remember right, there were $199, they might be a little bit off that price. But depending on what you wanted and these were sunglasses. So I ended up upping the price just a little bit. I think 2199 to make sure that I got the polarized.

I think they're polarized lenses. So that being said, been very impressed thus far. I've been wearing these even though I didn't have all the rest of it unboxed. But I've been wearing these for about a week, so I really liking them. So far.

I love how dark they are, really make a difference out in the sun, and highly encourage you to take advantage of them. The sound that you get on them is really quality, and they definitely work really well. So if you've got any questions, let me know. These are a great gift. No matter what time of year that you're in, you definitely want to put these on for whether you're just out and about working out whatever it may be.

If you're outside and you want to be able to have music along the way, these are great ones. So whether you've got sunglasses, regular glasses, these will help you to stay active while you're still being able to get out and about. So that being said, have a great day. If you have any questions, let me know. Bye.

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