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Can You Use Smart Glasses On Video Calls?

Smart glasses are taking the internet by storm! These innovative eyewear projects have been designed to make your everyday life easier, whether you're on a video chat with friends or family.

The Bluetooth feature grants you the ability to chat with the highest audio quality and a crisp, noise-canceling microphone. There’s also the benefit of touch control features that allow you to spend less time on your phone or laptop and more time engaging on your calls. 


How bluetooth smart glasses work on video calls

With the recent advances in technology, it's now possible to make video calls with just about anyone who has a smartphone. Lucyd smart glasses allow you to experience crisp audio, even in the busiest environments, all thanks to the two speakers embedded in the arms. There’s also no need to worry about sound leakage due to a noise-canceling mic for calls and voice assistant.

These smart glasses use Bluetooth that can be connected to either Android, Windows, or Apple devices. When you're ready for some face time - all without having any other cords attached - simply pair up by pressing one button: no more fumbling around trying to figure out where each device goes while simultaneously speaking into two separate microphones at once.

Because the glasses rely on Bluetooth, there’s no need to worry about downloading any apps. This feature provides you with more accessibility when it comes to connecting to various devices, whether that be on campus or office laptops. 

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Can You Use Smart Glasses On Video Calls?

Benefits of using smart glasses on video calls

One of the most innovative smart glasses features is that they are both a phone and an audio meeting device. This means you can conduct business or chat with your team while listening in on conference calls without having to take out your phone, which saves everyone valuable time!

Jot down important memos with hands-free functionality

Mounds of notes are a major part of important meetings, but that’s not a worry when you have smart glasses. You can take down all the information without looking at your phone or other devices, which means that if there is something important happening during a meeting, lecture, or video call, you can enable the audio features. 

Protection against harmful blue light

Do you have difficulty sleeping at night after a busy day of video calls or screen time? Blue light is an invisible electromagnetic energy emitted from our screens. Some doctors have expressed concern about the effects it has not only on our eye health but also our sleeping and behavioral patterns. Blue light prevents our bodies from releasing melatonin, resulting in a restless night's sleep.

Lucyd smart glasses feature a blue-lighting blocking filter, meaning that being on video calls (even in the evening), won’t have an adverse effect on your sleep.

Better virtual meeting experience

Because of the speakers embedded in the arm of the glasses, there’s no need to wear uncomfortable earphones or headphones that create an unpleasant meeting experience. Plus there’s the fact that there’s no crackly microphone caused by annoying cords. 

Prescription lenses for a high-quality video experience

All Lucyd glasses are available with prescription lenses. Because your prescription glasses are smart glasses, your vision is corrected, but you’re also benefiting from touch control features available with the glasses. 

To add prescription lenses, you can simply click the ‘add prescription button’ when you’re ready to add your glasses to your cart. 


How do you pair Bluetooth sunglasses? 

The glasses have a Bluetooth connection that allows them to connect wirelessly with your phone, tablet, or laptop. There are no dangly cords that interfere with your setup, nor any apps to be downloaded.

Lucyd Bluetooth glasses can be paired with Apple and Windows laptops. It’s as simple as heading to the Bluetooth settings, searching for a new device, and selecting the Lucyd glasses as an accessory. We also have a guide on how you can connect your Bluetooth glasses to your laptop.

Nowadays, it’s not against the norm to video call on the phone. The smart glasses can also be paired with Apple, Android, or Windows smartphones - you can find the glasses on your Bluetooth settings and allow a connection. Video calls can be a practical means for people on the move, remote working, and family catch-ups in your favorite holiday destination.

Ready to connect? Buy your new Lucyd Bluetooth glasses, lenses, and accessories here. And feel free to use the live chat function in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch with us if you have any questions about connecting your glasses to your device. 

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