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Bluetooth Glasses Through the Eyes of a Chef

Chef using bluetooth glasses

Guest post: Daniel Small, Corporate Chef, Husband, Dad

As a corporate chef and a dad, I’m constantly on the go! Whether it’s meeting with my staff, being on a line cooking, or headed to one of my kid’s events, I need to be connected! Wearing Lucyd Bluetooth glasses has been a game changer for me. I never have to search for my phone or remember where I put my air pods. They are always right where I need them... on my head. In the kitchen they are great, because I can communicate with vendors, clients, etc. without losing the ability to hear everything around me and not be shy out and in my own world like I am with earbuds. When I'm on a production set doing cooking demos, the director can communicate with me directly through my glasses, without the need for a bulky earpiece. In the kitchen, my Lucyd Lyte’s have become an extension of my hands, almost as much as my chef’s knife... they are both invaluable tools and the glasses allow me to do so much more.

bluetooth prescription glasses

Another great feature that makes Lucyd glasses a no-brainer is that they offer transition lenses that automatically darken when in the sun. No need to carry another pair of sunglasses. They are already on your face. Oh, and did I forget to mention, the glasses also sing to you, well, almost... You can listen to all your favorite music right on your Lucyd Bluetooth glasses with the touch of a button or a voice command.

These glasses have become my eyes and ears in my on-the-go, tech forward lifestyle.

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