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Bluetooth Glasses Make a Perfect Gift for Mother’s and Father’s Day this Year

With the promise of a better summer ahead thanks to the growing progress against the pandemic, many are beginning to turn their attention to reconnecting with family and friends through vacations and get-togethers this summer. With this in mind, thoughtful and unique gifts that help Moms and Dads connect and enjoy these experiences are on our minds as we approach Mother’s and Father’s Day. Lucyd Bluetooth Glasses offer an affordable way to give Mom or Dad a gift they will not only enjoy and actually use, but also a way to keep them connected to the world around them in a whole new way via open-ear listening.

Some Fun Facts about Mom and Dad Days

  1. More telephone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.  
  2. Strangely, Father’s Day is the biggest day for COLLECT CALLS!
  3. On average we spend around $148 on our Dads and $205 on our Moms for their special day.
  4. Flowers are the most common Mother’s day gift and clothing is what we give our Dads most often. (although neither of these is near the top of their wish lists…)
  5. Dads report wanting a gift card as their top gift and moms say they want to go out for a nice meal.

The bottom line is, after the virtual celebrations of 2020, we can be more creative than flowers and gift cards. Wearables are one of the hottest categories today with many discovering the benefits of health and wellness feedback through the iWatch, Fitbit and even Oura rings. Lucyd Bluetooth Glasses offer a whole new way for Mom and Dad to enjoy music, audiobooks, take phone calls, and even interact with virtual assistants, all while staying connected to the world around them. Safety also becomes a valuable factor while walking, biking or working out.

Of course... there’s always another tie or sweater.

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