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Bluetooth Glasses for Golf: The Perfect Pair

We all know that golf can be a very frustrating game. You spend hours out on the green, and sometimes you feel like you're making no progress at all. Well, what if there was a way to make golf a little bit easier? Believe it or not, there is - and it's as simple as using Bluetooth glasses! 

Just connect your phone or tablet to the glasses, and you're ready to go. No more awkward conversations with other players about how far away their ball is from yours. You can use the glasses to listen to your favorite podcast, enjoy some tunes or even give someone a call.

On top of Bluetooth speakers, Lucyd glasses also work to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight that is prevalent on the course. 

There are many reasons why Lucyd glasses can up your golf game - it’s no wonder why Chris Clark takes his glasses to every game. 


How do Lucyd smart glasses improve your golf game?

Stylish and functional, Lucyd smart glasses can improve your golf game in several ways. 

Audio entertainment

With tiny speakers embedded in both arms, you can experience a more comfortable and discreet listening experience than traditional headphones.

At times, a game of golf can be challenging, and sometimes you need a little extra motivation. Research has shown that listening to music can help boost your mood, increase endurance and improve your golf game by reducing your perceived effort. 

If music isn’t your jam, Lucyd glasses allow you to listen to audiobooks and golf podcasts. Meditation audios can also enhance your golfing experience by reducing pressure and stress.

Plus, long battery life means that you’re sorted for an 18-hole game!

Chris Clark Lucyd Golfing

Easy touch controls

Nothing is more frustrating than having to carry around your phone during a game and taking it out each time you need to adjust your audio volume, accept a call, or change song tracks. 

Lucyd Bluetooth glasses have a range of touch-control features that allow for hands-free listening. The top perk is using voice activation which removes the need for interrupting your game. Use the command system to send messages and emails, check your mailbox, or play music.

Glasses that won’t slip off your face

Lucyd Sport smart glasses have been designed with athletes in mind - and this means a model that can sit comfortably on your face without the concern of needing to constantly readjust your glasses.

We also offer Gecko grip nose pads that guarantee your glasses won’t fall off your face if you’re jumping up and down with cheers of a hole in one! 

Prescription & polarized lenses

When purchasing your glasses, you have the option to include prescription lenses, as well as polarized lenses. By selecting prescription lenses, you remove the inconvenience of having to prescription wear glasses under your sunglasses, which is sure to boost your game on the green!

Here are a few of the benefits of polarized: 

  1. Increased contrast, with minimal color distortion.
  2. Polarized lenses reduce glare and eye fatigue. 
  3. They can also protect your eyes from UV radiation. 
  4. Clearer vision in bright light. 

Lucyd Lyte Sports glasses offer 16 premium lens tints available in non-Rx, single vision, and progressive bifocal - with ban green polarized UV400 being a favorite amongst golfers due to the color's ability to reduce glare and eye strain on the green.

Unlock the benefits and create a more enjoyable golfing experience with Lucyd smart glasses. 

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