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Lucyd Bluetooth Colored Lens | 15+ Color Lenses & Frames

Do you have a hard time trying to pick out the perfect color for your new glasses? Well, maybe it's because you're not considering all of the colors. Lucyd offers 16 different lens colors in our Bluetooth eyeglasses range, which is excellent news if you're having trouble deciding on just one.

As well as purchasing your initial pair of colored sunglasses that suits your style, you can opt for a lens pack that provides you with alternative colors.


Lucyd Bluetooth glasses lens colors

Black polarized UV400 

With Lucyd, you'll never have to sacrifice style for function again. These sleek and stylish Bluetooth glasses not only look great but also offer enhanced functionality with their black polarized lenses and UV400 protection. The dark tint means that they provide color balance, anti-fatigue properties, glare reduction, and complete protection from the sun.


Ban green polarized UV400

The green polarized UV400 lenses provide superior protection from the sun's harmful rays, while the integrated Bluetooth system lets you take calls and listen to music without ever having to remove your headphones. 

Green lenses also contrast blue-lighting, which can help reduce glare and eye strain. While they work well in several outdoor spaces, they’re a firm favorite amongst golfers and tennis players.


Clear anti-reflective

With anti-reflective lenses, these clear lenses will help keep your eyes comfortable all day long. Because they’re clear, they have many different benefits that can suit situations where it is rainy, cloudy, or indoor environments. In addition, the clear lenses complement all complexions and look great on various face shapes.

Lucyd Bluetooth Colored Lens | 15 Colors | Lucyd

Black UV400

Because of the tint, black lenses are well-suited for gaming, outdoor sports and leisure, mountain biking, watersports, and driving. With polarized lenses and UV400 protection, black UV 400 lenses keep your eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays, while the built-in Bluetooth chip lets you stay connected to your phone or other devices.


Ban green UV400

Our green UV400 lenses are treated with a special green coating that filters out harmful UV rays, keeping your eyes safe while you enjoy your favorite activities. 


Blue light clear AR (20%)

These clear glasses feature built-in blue light filtering to reduce exposure to harmful blue light. With 20% light transmission, they provide a comfortable and stylish way to reduce eye fatigue and improve vision.


Blue light & yellow (40%)

These innovative new glasses feature blue light reduction technology combined with a stylish yellow lens to help you see better and feel more alert. Whether you're working on a deadline or just trying to get through the day, Bluetooth glasses are the perfect solution for improved focus and comfort.


Silver mirror

Silver mirrored glasses prevent too much light from penetrating the surface, which ultimately protects your eyes from strain and glares; this can be crucial for when you’re driving in sunny conditions. The lenses also enhance color recognition - a huge benefit for those who enjoy hiking outdoors. 


Gold mirror

Gold mirror lenses improve depth perception, making these glasses great for activities that rely on distances that need to be judged, such as tennis, golf, and sailing. However, these aren’t suited to cloudy or foggy conditions and function best in bright conditions to contrast scenery. 


Red mirror

Red colored mirror sunglasses are great for variable everyday conditions, with the red color element providing wearers with improved in-depth perception. Due to the reflective mirror lenses, the surface of the lenses can take on a multitude of colors, making them a classic fashion piece.

Red Lens Bluetooth Glasses


If you're like most people, you probably think of sunglasses as a fashion accessory. But the color of your lenses has many practical benefits, too. 

Rose colored lens sunglasses can help improve contrast and sharpness and reduce eye fatigue and headaches. By improving the visual depth, red lenses can improve road visibility. They can also help relieve stress and tension in the eyes.



Although we typically think of eyeglasses as a way to correct our vision, they can also help improve our overall health. Green lenses have been shown to reduce eye fatigue and protect against age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of vision loss in adults. 



Blue Lucyd lenses provide a beautiful contrast and perception of color. The blue light tint sunglasses help to contrast contours, which makes this lens an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy being on the water. Blue lenses are well-suited for foggy and rainy conditions.

 Lucyd Bluetooth Colored Lens | 15 Colors | Lucyd


Purple lenses are a practical option for those of you who are looking to stand out from the crowd. While they’re trendy and aesthetically pleasing, purple glasses reduce glare and bright outdoor lighting. They're perfect for runners, cyclists, or anyone who wants to stay connected while they work out. 



Pink lenses work fantastically when it comes to increasing depth of field and vision. They provide a comfortable transition from dark to light areas; because of this, pink lenses are especially beneficial in snow conditions. Their ability to block out blue light has also left them becoming a firm favorite amongst gamers.


Lyte extra lens 3-pack

Lyte extra lens 3-pack is the perfect way to keep your eyes healthy and protected while you're out and about. With three different colors of lenses - blue light, sunburst mirror, and sky blue mirror - you can choose the best option for each day and activity. The polarized lenses help block UV 400 radiation, making them a great choice for outdoor activities. And with their stylish design, they'll complement any outfit. 

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