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Are Bluetooth glasses waterproof?

Most of the time, dropping your glasses or sunglasses in a puddle, the sink, or getting them wet some other way is little more than an annoyance. You simply fish them out, clean them off, and pop them back on. 

But when you invest in high-quality, ultra-stylish Bluetooth glasses, you may find you have a similar reaction to getting your glasses wet as you would your phone or fitness watch. Time slows but your heart rate increases as you watch it fall, knowing there’s nothing you can do at this point except hope you can get it out as quickly as possible and that minimal damage is done. 

Fear not, our frames are water-resistant. All Lucyd Lyte smart glasses are IP56 water-resistant, but, of course, that doesn’t mean that all Bluetooth glasses are created to the same high quality. 

Let’s explore the difference between waterproof and water-resistant and how to check the level of protection your Bluetooth glasses will offer.

What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?  

Let’s look at it from the point of view of a new jacket: if you stood out in the rain for a long time in a waterproof jacket, a water-resistant jacket, and a jacket with no resistance at all, you’d get wet quicker in the non-resistant jacket, than the water-resistant one whereas your waterproof jacket would hold out for the longest. 

It’s essentially the same thing for Bluetooth glasses. However, the problem comes when brands use the term ‘waterproof’ when they really mean ‘water-resistant.’ So, it’s important that you know how to validate these claims.

At Lucyd, we will always be 100% transparent about our products, which is why we’ve gained an IP certification for all our Bluetooth glasses.

Are Bluetooth glasses waterproof?

What are IP ratings?

The IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection,’ and the higher the second number in the string, the more you can trust the water-resistance of your Bluetooth glasses. IP ratings are the easiest way to distinguish how protected your Bluetooth glasses will be from the wetter elements of life, and any Bluetooth glasses with an IP certification will have been rigorously tested.

When it comes to checking the water-resistance of your Bluetooth glasses, the second number in the IP rating string goes up to 8.

All of our Lyte glasses have an IP certification of IP56, an extremely high level of water resistance. So you can wear them when it’s raining, snowing, and even during exercise (both indoors and out in the elements) without any fear that they will break. 

Be cautious when shopping for Bluetooth glasses

Many brands will market their Bluetooth glasses as waterproof, using the term as a synonym of water-resistant. So, you must do your homework before investing. 

The best way to check is to look for the IP rating, as this is a tried and tested representation of quality. 

All of our Lyte glasses are splashproof, water-resistant, and offer Bluetooth 5.0, open ear audio, all-day battery, and touch controls.  

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