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Affordable Tech Gifts For That Techie That Has Everything

AirPods Totally Maxed Out...

Apple is a master of product management and hype. It shrewdly dropped its latest product, the new $549 Apple Airpods Max over the ear wireless headphones. Predictably, the internet lost its mind (who needs marketing) and affectionately described the Airpods Max carrying case as a “bra for storm troopers”. Eye-popping (ear-popping?) price tag aside, Apple will undoubtedly sell all it can make, but not everyone has recently sold their startup or made millions from the latest Bitcoin run-up, and will want to maybe give a great tech gift that isn’t the price of a Tesla share.

AirPod Max

How About Speaker Sunglasses?

For the more financially grounded among us, a great alternative can be found in an alternative to headphones all together, through the growing popularity of “open-ear” listening. Facilitated through bone-conducting technology, the open-ear listening experience is a completely different way to interact with all kinds of activities from phone calls, listening to music, accessing voice assistants, all through a stylish pair of glasses.

Lucyd Lyte Speaker Sunglasses

Lucyd Eyewear, the leader in wearable glasses tech, has updated its original designs with its new Lucyd Lyte line of sleek new lightweight frames with effortless style. This is the perfect gift to get that techie on your list who has everything.

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