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The Benefits of Bluetooth Sunglasses: 8 Cool Things You Can Do With Open-Ear Audio Sunglasses

‘Open-ear listening’ is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to be more connected with their environment, and as wearable technology becomes less visible and more integrated into our everyday life. As this trend in wearable technology grows, people are discovering all the benefits offered by open-ear listening tech.

Some of the great things you can do with Lucyd open-ear audio sunglasses:

1. With Bluetooth Sunglasses you can listen to music when you're walking or cycling while still being able to hear the traffic around you…

audio sunglasses

“It’s very cool to be able to listen to music without your hearing being obstructed. I commute by bike daily and as much as I want to use earbuds, it’s not something one should do.” - Alex Birch, The Gadgeteer

2. Call an Uber or a Lyft from your audio sunglasses…

audio sunglasses

3. Send cash to a friend using the bluetooth glasses cash app...

Lucyd’s technology will be able to process everyday transactions like sending cash safely and securely.

audio sunglasses

4. Listen to directions while walking or driving without taking your eyes off the road…

audio sunglasses

“This is a great product for someone who wants to listen to music and podcasts while doing outdoor activities.” - Karen S. Freeman, iMore

5. Have a conference call with colleagues while staying aware of your surroundings...

audio sunglasses

Earphones can be isolating, especially on a conference call. Listening for the needs of your family or pets, or simultaneously working on an email or document, can be a nice change of pace from the ‘always on’ and secluded airpods. Being connected to audio is important for quality, and open-ear mode keeps you more engaged with the world around you as well.

6. With bluetooth glasses you can listen privately to an ebook while working out without earbuds…

We all know the pain of working out without our favorite music or ebook. It’s the stuff of great memes. Now your listening device is always with you and you can still enjoy your workout entertainment privately. What’s more, you can also hear what’s going on around you staying safe and passively connected.

audio sunglasses

7. Send or receive a call while going for a run with situational awareness…

audio sunglasses

Running, walking and biking with headphones can be dangerous not only to yourself but also to those around you. Andrea Ulery of Trail Sisters observes, “With the influx of trail users in recent months, I am often amazed at how many walkers, runners, and cyclists are willfully isolating themselves by talking on the phone, listening on headphones, or talking to their companion.”

8. And coming soon, Listen to or post a voice message on Twitter with your phone in your pocket...

A perfect example of how the company wants to make your digital life more accessible through smartglasses, Innovative Eyewear is building a unique software experience to accompany their smart frames and further enhance their user experience. The company is developing a voice-controlled app called Vyrb™, which will allow eyeglass wearers to create, listen and respond to social media posts with their voice, without even glancing at their smartphone. Vyrb will work through Lucyd frames or by activating the voice assistant on any compatible device, in addition to offering a visual interface.
audio sunglasses

Open-ear listening provides a whole new range of possibilities for interacting with a wide variety of activities while staying connected to the environment and people around you.

Check out the entire Lucyd line of open-ear listening eyewear available from $119 and can be customized for prescriptions and readers.

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