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7 Reasons Why Headphone Glasses Are the Perfect Holiday Gift

headphone glasses

More than one in three people starts holiday shopping before November. Once the leaves start changing color, the urge hits. Whether you shop for a partner, a family member, or a friend, you want to find a gift that makes that person happy.

Why not consider headphone glasses? They make a great gift for both technophiles and casual users. Whether they get used for navigation, practical tasks, or listening to music, glasses with a headphone component can help any user get through the day.

We'll walk you through the seven reasons why these high-quality glasses make the perfect gift.

1. You Can Use Them Year-Round

While most of us see sunglasses as a summer tool, winter presents equal opportunities to use them. If you live in a cold, snowy climate, January might give your loved one plenty of opportunities to use them.

Snow blindness can cause temporary and permanent damage to the eye, depending on the amount of exposure to reflected light and cold, dry weather. Sunglasses keep both the wind and the sun out of one's eyes.

If you want that year-round utility, though, make sure to get polarized lenses. They do a better job of blocking out the sun during the winter.

Maybe the recipient tends to stay indoors. Audio glasses with blue blocker lenses, instead of the usual sunglass lenses, can serve as an equally valuable year-round investment. These reduce eye strain from screens and lights in the same way more typical sunglasses reduce eyestrain caused by the sun.

2.  Headphone Glasses Do Away With Earbuds

Headphone glasses position the audio output near the ears without the need for earbuds. If you or your loved one spend a lot of time in environments where hearing the world around you proves necessary, they make a great way to listen to music or productivity-related audio without blocking the ears.

They reduce annoyance and distraction, too. Turning down the sound on your Bluetooth sunglasses a bit beats the annoyance factor of taking off headphones or popping out earbuds over and over.

3. They Look Discreet

Unlike a lot of other high-tech wearables you could give your partner, audio sunglasses look like sunglasses. At most, they have slightly thicker arms than other sunglasses on the market, rather than looking alien and strange.

Some tech enthusiasts like their devices to serve as a conversation starter. If your gift recipients have trendy tastes or spend a lot of time in professional settings, though, a more obtrusive device might turn them off. By picking Bluetooth glasses with a casual look, you can give people the gift of a high-tech wearable without making a lifestyle statement.

4. You Can Customize Them

Personalized gifts can be a little risky, but if you know the other person well, they can show the depth of your care. Audio glasses come with dozens of lens options, ranging from unobtrusive prescription lenses to bright, distinctive colors.

Most glasses also have multiple frame styles. Looking for thin, trendy arms, or a more old-school, thick-armed look? While the arms do tend to be thicker than usual glasses to accommodate the technology, different frame styles and colors can still add distinction.

5. They Don't Restrict You

Many parts of listening to music restrict you in some way. Traditional headphones connect with cords that can get tangled around you or end up twisted in knots. Holding a phone or MP3 player ties up a hand, too.

With Bluetooth glasses, these problems go away. Your hands remain free to do all your usual activities, and the wireless receiver in the glasses prevents you from getting tangled up in wires.

If you spend a lot of time using your headphones, this can also save the recipient money on replacement headphones in the long term. Wrapping up headphones to put them in your pockets puts stress on the cords, and before long they'll hear that familiar crinkle of a damaged cord, or worse, an ear cutting out. Audio glasses avoid all that stress.

6. They Enable Active Lifestyles

Runners, bikers, and other athletes want to get up and get going with as little fuss as possible. Combining putting on headphones and putting on sunglasses into a single step wastes less time on setup and puts that time back where it belongs: on the road.

Our glasses take only two hours to charge for six to eight hours of playback. For that special someone who spends an hour biking every day, the glasses will only need one charge per week. This makes for a nice, relaxed pace without regularly worrying about the battery life.

7. You Can Change the Lenses

If the recipient doesn't need corrective lenses, changing out the lenses for different situations takes almost no time at all. Basic lenses can pop in and out easily if pushed from the correct side.

We sell three-packs of lenses for people who like to change for the situation. One set uses a blue-blocking tint, while the others offer polarized laminate to keep the sun out.

Show How Much You Care

Headphone glasses can make a good gift for anyone in your life. Whether your loved ones describe themselves as trendy, athletic, audiophiles, or productivity-conscious, we offer a set of headphone glasses that will support their needs.

If you live near one of the stores on our store locator, come in and get a better look today. If you don't, browse our offerings online. We periodically roll out new styles, so even if you don't see something you like today, check back in a few months and find out if anything new grabs you.

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