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5 Steps To Clean Your Bluetooth Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know that keeping the lenses clean is important for your vision. Dirt and oil on the lens can cause blurry vision and as a result of built-up bacteria, even eye infections may occur. 

Lucyd Bluetooth glasses are your best friend when it comes to outdoor adventures, commutes on the train, late nights in the office, or exciting streaming sessions. Because you’ll be using these nifty gadgets every day, they’ll naturally need to be cleaned to reap the benefits.

Thankfully, cleaning your glasses lenses is a quick and easy process. 

In this post, we'll share some tips on how to clean Lucyd Bluetooth lenses and frames effectively, how to keep them clean, and products to avoid. 


How to clean glasses lens

Cleaning the lenses of your Bluetooth glasses should be part of your daily routine, this is especially true if you have prescription lenses. While this may sound like a drag, it will only take you 20 seconds.

What you’ll need:



  1. Start by washing and cleaning your hands; this will help to eliminate germs and dirt contaminating your lenses.
  2. Run your smart glasses under lukewarm water or filtered water to remove dust or any dirt particles that may scratch your lenses. Lucyd glasses are splash-proof, but try to keep the arms of the glasses dry.
  3. Give your lenses a gentle wipe with your microfiber cloth to remove large water droplets.
  4. Spray the lenses of your glasses - ensuring that you spray both sides of the lenses. If you don’t have a lens cleaning solution, you can use lotion-free cleaning soap.
  5. Use your cloth to rub both sides of the lenses. If you are using soap, rinse it before rubbing the lenses. 

Pro tip: if you’re out and about and need to give your lenses a clean, store a few ready-to-use lens wipes in your travel bag.


How to clean glasses frames

Cleaning your glasses frames is an important part of caring for your Bluetooth glasses. With all the tiny bits and bobs like screws and nose pads, dirt and bacteria can easily build up. Keep in mind, you will need to take extra precautions when it comes to cleaning the area around the touch control buttons.

What you’ll need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clean cloth
  • Lotion-free dish soap
  • Paper towelette 



  1. Wipe the frames of your glasses with a clean, damp cloth.
  2. Use your finger to apply lotion-free dish soap to the frames, ensuring that you don’t apply the soap on the touch-control buttons.
  3. With a clean, damp cloth, wipe off the soap.
  4. Use a towelette to apply rubbing alcohol to the nose pad of your frames.


What to avoid when cleaning glasses

If you wear glasses, you know that it's important to keep them clean. Not only do they look better when they're polished and shiny, but they also perform better and last longer. However, there are a lot of wrong ways to clean your glasses - so here are the right ways! 

First, always use a gentle cleanser that is designed for eyeglasses. Avoid harsh detergents, acetone, or scouring pads, which can scratch the lenses. Also, saliva isn’t a cleaning solution; it smudges the lenses and allows bacteria to contaminate your glasses.

Second, never put your glasses in the dishwasher. The high heat and strong detergents can damage the frames and lenses. It will also damage the speakers embedded in the arms.

Third, be careful not to get moisture inside the frames while cleaning them. This can cause the lens to fog. There are plenty of tips and tricks for defogging your glasses.


The best way to store glasses

It can be tough to know the best way to store glasses. Some people might just toss them in a drawer, while others might invest in a fancy storage case. But when it comes to Bluetooth glasses, the best way to store them is in a flat-folding case for ultimate portability and protection.

When you purchase a pair of Lucyd glasses, you’ll receive a flat-folding case, and cleaning cloth. These accessories will keep your glasses free from scratches and damage and will add an extra protective layer if you happen to drop your glasses. 

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