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5 Ways to Use Your Bluetooth Glasses More Often

5 Ways to Use Your Bluetooth Glasses More Often

Whether you’re trying to wear your new Bluetooth glasses as much as possible (we get it, we love them too), or you’re singing their praises in the hopes that you’ll be gifted with a pair this Christmas, you may be surprised at just how versatile our smart eyewear can be. 

Here are just five ways you can use your Lucyd glasses every day:

1) Take Your Bluetooth Glasses Roller skating, skateboarding, or cycling 

Whether you’re cycling to work or you’ve joined the rollerblading or skating craze, music is the perfect accompaniment to your adventures. And thanks to the Bluetooth and air conduction technology in all of our glasses, you don’t have to untangle pesky wires or even insert anything into your ear - making it safe for you to take to the pavement even on streets with heavy traffic. 

5 Day To Day Uses For Bluetooth Glasses

2) Filter out office noise with bluetooth glasses

When you really need to concentrate on a task but a coworker is speaking extremely loudly nearby, you can simply use the touch control technology on your Bluetooth glasses to surreptitiously switch your music on and drown out the noise. 

And because the sound is transmitted behind your ear, you will still be able to hear your work phone ringing or whether one of your colleagues needs your attention. Lucyd Bluetooth glasses offer the perfect solution and balance to your office experience.

An additional perk to wearing your Bluetooth glasses at work is that you can take calls and type simultaneously. With these glasses, you can initiate and accept calls without having to touch your phone or even hold it up to your ear. And you'll never have to use the loudspeaker again, which would undoubtedly distract and annoy your coworkers. 

3) Exercising

Did you know that all of our glasses are certified IP56 water-resistant and splashproof? And that includes moisture from sweat. So that means that even if you prefer exercising outside in the elements, you won't have to worry about your Bluetooth getting damaged if the heavens open. 

And you can say goodbye to frames made slippery from sweat thanks to the flexible fit of our models. If you enjoy vigorous exercise, we recommend our Lyte Sport glasses, which are more than capable of withstanding your workout without leaving your face.

Get more tips on how to exercise with Bluetooth glasses here. 

5 Day To Day Uses For Bluetooth Glasses

4) Walking the dog

Ah, fresh air, is there anything better? The great outdoors is a fantastic way to bond with your dog and get some distance, rest, and recovery from the trials of daily life. Yet, it's seemingly impossible to go out without seeing at least one person hunched over their phone or switching from hand to hand during a longer-than-expected phone call. 

When you wear your Bluetooth glasses on your dog walks, you won't have the same problems. You can answer calls, listen to music, adjust the volume and even use voice assistance without having to touch your phone at all. 

5) Gaming

If you're less outdoorsy and still need a way to relax after work, PC gaming might be your perfect definition of relaxation. And our smart eyewear is outstanding for that too. 

Say goodbye to traditional headsets' long, twisting, tangling wires and hello to stylish, pro-looking glasses instead. You can even buy frames with prescription computer glasses for added protection. 

Speaking of protection, our lenses come with blue light protection, keeping your retinas safe and your circadian rhythm in balance, even if you’re gaming late into the night.

And did we mention the crisp, clear mic that cancels out nearby noises? Making your team games all the better. 


These are just a few of the many ways you can get good use out of your Bluetooth glasses every single day. Ready to buy? We have three excellent models to choose from: Lyte, Titanium, and Sport, as well as tons of accessories so that you can take care of your glasses and get the most out of them.

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