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3 Things You Should Buy From Walmart If You’re Struggling For Gift Inspiration

Have you got a demanding brother, a difficult to buy for aunt, or a friend who has everything that they could ask for? If you do, it is highly probable that from early November right up until the week before Christmas Day, you are scrolling the internet looking at gift guides and desperately looking for a present that is going to bring a smile on the big day itself.

If you are still struggling to get the right Christmas presents with just 1 week to go, then don’t worry because we have you covered. To make things even easier for you, all 3 of our recommendations can be bought on Walmart.

Lucyd Lyte Eclipse Audio Glasses


There is no better gift to buy a family member or a friend in our humble opinions. Lucyd’s blend technology, with fashion, with functionality, and cool all seamlessly together. Let’s face it, how many of your friends and family fit the brief of wanting something cool with some function and purpose behind it.

At just $149.99 this is a gift that is really affordable and is going to be used day in day out.

Apple AirPods Pro


An estimated 46% of smartphone users in America are Apple iPhones. That is a monumental and incredible stat, and even if you don’t know what phone your friend has, you have a 50% chance of being right if you guess they might want some Pro AirPods for Christmas.

While they clearly aren’t as good as Smart Glasses; at just $179.99, this gift isn’t too badly priced for the lifetime of joy that it will bring.


Bop It! Baby Yoda


2022 was a year dominated by Star Wars, and that doesn’t seem likely to change in 2023 as the Mandalorian is set to return to the screens next year. So, if you are looking for a little little-hearted fun this holiday season, why not Bop It!

At less than $13 it is unlikely to be your main gift to a loved one, but it would make a great stocking filler and an even better secret santa gift.
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