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10 Makeup Hacks For Glasses Wearers

As any prescription glasses wearer will know, your daily makeup routine needs a little tweak when you begin to wear glasses daily to help prevent issues with mascara, foundation, the zooming of your lens and more.  To help, we’ve pulled together 10 makeup hacks:

1) Consider the amount of foundation you’re wearing

Foundation will rub off where your glasses frames touch your face throughout the day, so be lighter with your product in these areas.  Thicker layers of foundation can lead to dents, red marks and scuffs in your makeup, particularly on the bridge of your nose.

2) To groom or not to groom your brows?

This comes down to the style of frames you’re wearing.  Thicker frames may cover your brows, whilst thinner frames or lens which zoom your eye area may emphasise your brows more.  

3) Curl lashes over lengthening

If you lengthen your eyelashes you risk them touching (and marking) your lens, whereas curling your lashes can give the same effect, without the lashes touching your lens.  Waterproof mascara is also advised to prevent your mascara from smearing on your lens.

4) Conceal the shadows

Your frames can cast shadows around your eye area, with some zoom lens even highlighting the shadows we already have under your eyes.  A light-reflecting concealer can help to counteract the shadows and add brightness.

5) Use the frames as a guide

When applying blusher use your frames as a guide of where to apply the blush for the best effect.  Liquid blusher is less likely to rub off on the frame, than their powder counterparts.

10 Makeup Hacks For Glasses Wearers

6) The thicker the frame, the thicker the liner

Bold, thick frames suit striking makeup looks, so don’t be afraid to use a heavier liner and brighter colors.  Even consider matching your liner and eyeshadow color to the color of your frames.

7) Go bold with your lipstick

Particularly if you’re wearing colored or thicker frames, have fun with your lipstick and even consider matching it to the color of your frames for an extra pop.

8) Match your eyeshadow to your frame type

Thinner frames work better with neutral eyeshadow tones, whereas thicker frames suit bolder makeup.  Remember that often your eye area will be magnified with your glasses, so be considerate with the types of eyeshadow you’re using.  For instance creamy eyeshadows can lead to creasing, which will be more apparent through your lens.

9) Use magnifying mirrors

 Magnifying mirrors can help you when applying your makeup, if you do have a stronger prescription.  They’re enhance your visibility of the particular area you’re applying to, giving you a clean look.

10) Have fun with it!

Makeup is all about having fun, so go with it and use your bluetooth frames as part of your look!

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