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Turboflex Reviewed by Ivana Lombardini!

Hey #LucydFam! 

Our Turboflex frame was recently reviewed by Italian lifestyle blogger and Insta-star Ivana Lombardini! 

In addition to Lucyd's frame variety and the vast customization options, Ivana also loved our blue-light blocking lenses. She writes: 

"I was undecided between photochromic and blue light, but in the end I chose the latter because I spend much more time in front of a monitor rather than in the sun! And I will tell you, after only a few hours from the first use, I can no longer look at the screen without these lenses. The difference is huge, if you work a lot in front of a screen I strongly recommend you try these lenses to protect your sight."

What Ivana loved most, however, was our Turboflex frame's durability. Its 360 degree hinges and flexible alloys make them nearly indestructible! Because she is always travelling and on the go, Turboflex was a perfect fit for Ivana!

Check out what Ivana Lombardini had to say about Turboflex and the Lucyd brand here:! And be sure to follow her on Instagram: @ana_lombardini! 

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