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Lucyd Love Program Kicks Off, Student and Military Programs Starting

Hey #Lucydfam!

We hope you're having a relaxing time with your families this season.

Just a quick announcement that our Lucyd Love program has officially launched with a donation of 50 new, high-quality acetate frames to New Eyes. New Eyes is a wonderful charity that gives glasses and eye exams to those in need, free of charge.

We've partnered with New Eyes because it fits Lucyd's mission perfectly--enhancing the vision of people all over the world. We will continue to provide them with frames as we grow, and would like to extend the opportunity to help to our community. If you would like your old glasses to go to charity, contact us at!

We have good news for students and servicemen and women as well! After our Christmas promotion ends, current university students and active members of US Uniformed Services can present their identification to for a $10 credit toward their order. Just another way we want to help our fam!

Thanks everyone and take care!

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