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Holiday Gifts For Him Under $150

Holiday Gifts For Him Under $150

Some men are a breeze to buy for, offering a seemingly never-ending list of options to choose from. And then you have those guys that give absolutely nothing away, and you really can’t buy them another pair of socks or aftershave. 

Whether it's your friend, colleague, partner, or family member, the team at Lucyd has your back, with five recommendations of Christmas gifts that he is sure to love, all under $150. Think of it as our Christmas present to you.

Five holiday gifts for him under $150

Kindle subscription

Kindle subscription

Get it on Kindle Unlimited

Cost: $47.86-$143.80

Subscription services are extremely popular right now, especially those where you get something new to try. If you know someone who likes to read but has peculiar tastes, a Kindle subscription is the way to go. 

You can get a six-month subscription for $47.86, a 12-month subscription for $80.30, or a 24-month subscription for $143.80. He'll also get to listen to audiobooks as part of the subscription service too.

Personalized whiskey barrel

Personalized whiskey barrel

Cost: $64.95-$109.95

Get it at Wine Enthusiast

Choose between one, two, and five-liter barrels and personalize it with 16 characters available for line one and 30 for line two. You can even throw in some storing and cleaning tablets for an extra $4.95 showing him that you really have thought of everything.

The surprise? It looks like a whiskey barrel, but it's perfect for beer, wine, tequila, rum, or another spirit too!

WiFi projector

WiFi projector

Cost: $120.78

Get it on Amazon

Not only is this projector portable, but it's also compatible with an Android or iOS smartphone! Thanks to its built-in speakers, noise reduction technology, and overwhelming sound, this gift will let him take streaming to the next level. It even has diffuse reflection technology to protect his eyes against harmful light.

Samsung VR device

Samsung VR Headset

Cost: $149.95

Get it on Amazon

This is the perfect gift for any gamer, and because it's Samsung, the quality is guaranteed. It's designed to fit any facial structure comfortably and is heralded as feeling lighter than it looks. So there's literally no downside to this gift.

Bluetooth smart eyewear

Five holiday gifts for him under $150

Cost: $149.99-$179.95

Get it at Lucyd

Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls, all-day battery, noise-canceling microphone, and polarized lenses, these aren't just any glasses. Smart eyewear is a fantastic gift option, whether you opt for prescription glasses to replace his daily pair or sunglasses to up his cool factor.

They’re also IP56 water-resistant, so he can wear them even when it's raining or while exercising; a little sweat isn’t going to hurt them. 

If he’s picky about his style, opt for a gift card instead and let him pick the model he likes the most.

And there you have it. There’s sure to be at least one holiday gift on this list that he will love. 

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