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Can Smart Glasses Have Prescriptions?

Smart glasses are an amazing invention and have totally changed what it means to wear glasses. You can now use this smart eyewear to listen to your favourite music or take calls with your family and friends. 

However, there’s one minor issue: if you have a visual impairment (like being short- or long sighted) can you have prescription lenses added to your smart glasses? We’ve got the answers to all our prescription-related questions. 

Can smart glasses correct your vision?

In short, no, smart glasses cannot correct your visual impairment. However, there are some brands such as Lucyd that create prescription lenses that you can have installed into your smart glasses frames. 

Not only will you be able to enjoy all the benefits of your smart glasses, but with your prescription lenses, you’ll be able to see clearly and reduce eye strain and fatigue.  

How do you add prescription lenses to your smart glasses?

Adding prescription lenses to your smart glasses is quick and easy when you order from Lucyd. If you’re ordering your frames from Lucyd, the process is as easy as choosing your eyewear and specifying your prescription for your lenses. After that, all you have to do is wait for your order to arrive. 

Even if you already have Lucyd glasses and want to add prescription lenses, you can. You’ll simply buy your lenses online; for this you’ll need to be able to read your prescription so that you get the right lenses to correct your vision. Then, once your delivery has arrived, you’ll simply have to swap out your Lucyd lenses.

Can Smart Glasses Have Prescriptions? 

Benefits of having prescriptions smart glasses

Smart glasses are becoming more popular by the day, especially with it now being possible to add prescription lenses to your smart glasses. You’ll find that there are numerous benefits to wearing these glasses, with the most obvious being that they can correct your vision. However, that’s not the only advantage you’ll come across with this eyewear.  

You can wear smart glasses no matter what your lifestyle is. So whether you’re a gamer or a sports junkie, there are several trendy styles of smart glasses for you to choose from. You can also get a range of different coloured lenses, making smart glasses a great fashion accessory. 

The Lucyd smart glasses will also help make your everyday life easy as they can be used for business and entertainment purposes. With their playback audio, these glasses make it easy to take important phone calls or listen to your favourite tunes. Lastly, the smart glasses have a long-lasting battery and have 6.5-8 hours of playback time and only take 2 hours to charge. So you can enjoy your smart glasses the entire day without having to worry about the battery power. 

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