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Brand New Augmented Reality App Development Engine Lets You Make Your Own AR Smartphone App

Many experts predict that mixed reality is the next frontier in media consumption. People often compare it to the internet and think of it as something that will vastly affect the landscape of human interaction. But what exactly is required to build an app that utilizes augmented or virtual reality? When will we see the day where we have drag and drop solutions to augmented reality content creation like we see with platforms like Wix and Wordpress? The future may be closer than we think.

Wikitude, is looking to be one of the first to answer that question. Their app-creation solution is designed to help brands create their own augmented reality app via their Wikitude Studio online app creation software. Able to program applications for both Android and iOS, Wikitude Studio has the added benefit of requiring no programming background to use.

By allowing users to create their own apps for as low as 50 euros per month, Wikitude hopes to create a digital ecosystem where users populate the internet with augmented reality apps created on their platform. The app itself acts like simplified version of an online WYSIWYG website editor, allowing users to add media such as images and videos, change their size, shape and location, and bring them to life with animations. 

With major brands such as Ikea, Michael Kors and even city governments dipping their toes into the mixed reality media game, it’s likely that we’ll see a spike in demand for professionals in the creation of augmented reality media. From city-wide art projects to the iconic Pokemon Go, AR appears to be quietly seeping into the fabric of civilization without most people even realizing it. 

Will AR become as big as the experts predict? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

What do you think about Wikitude’s new augmented reality development platform? Let us know in a comment!

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