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Bluetooth Glasses Make Dog Walking Safer and More Enjoyable, Ask Charlie!

Guest post: Michael Fraser

It was a little over a year since we lost our first family dog, the house felt empty, our kids are now adults, so my wife Theresa started looking at some rescue dogs over at One of a Kind Pets. They do a phenomenal job rescuing and saving animal lives. I just finished work for the day and walked into our living room and Theresa told me “Hey, check out this three-legged dog named Charlie”. I said okay, with my first reaction internally saying no way! Well, that lasted all about a few seconds after I saw his photo on their website.

dog rescue

So the next day we went over to meet Charlie, still not knowing if we were ready to become a pet owner again. After hanging out with Charlie, listening to the staff rave about his personality, we took him for a walk around the rescue’s property and made the decision to adopt. It was a bit overwhelming at first. Never rescued a dog before, let alone a three-legged one! We picked Charlie up the next day and never regretted it!

One of a Kind Pets

Charlie was only a few weeks past his surgery which removed his front right leg, so our first job as new pet owners was to get him walking. He needed to build up strength in his left front paw. After a few months, Charlie started to feel at home with us and his overall health improved tremendously. We’ve been keeping him on a solid walking schedule, which led us to a new development.

“Charlie can be unpredictable while walking him, especially on the road”

One thing about rescue dogs is they have a past. A past history that they can’t explain what happened to them. After getting to know Charlie, I think we’ve been able to piece together a few things.

  1. Charlie probably wasn’t around many dogs previously because he loses his damn mind barking at other dogs.
  2. He is afraid of loud noises... thunder, fireworks etc.
  3. He loves marking his territory, seems like he had a lot of freedom to roam previously.

I’d like to expand on #3 a little bit. Charlie loves tracking and marking all over the neighborhood. He does this without being aware of surroundings, especially by the road. We think Charlie was hit by a car and the previous owners probably couldn’t afford to get it fixed and had to surrender him.

Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Glasses Help Keep Charlie Safe

In the past, if I was hiking, running, or walking by myself I would usually have my ear buds in while listening to music. After using the bluetooth sunglasses while skiing back in February, I now am using them walking Charlie. The open ear audio allows me to be fully aware of my surroundings, especially crossing the street while walking Charlie. Also, a lot of my neighbors come up to me while walking to pet Charlie and ask how he is doing. Thanks to my Lucyd Lyte, I don’t have that awkward moment pointing to my ear buds, or the normal signal that headphones give off... the impression you want to be left alone.

bluetooth sunglasses

As for Charlie, the legend keeps growing, especially after he talked us into getting him his own public Instagram account. He now calls himself #Charlie3leg ;)

In conclusion… If you enjoy walking your dog, please give Lucyd Lyte a try. Listen to anything audio from your phone, or talk hands-free while walking your best friend.

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