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Why you don’t own smartglasses yet

There are a number of reasons why smartglasses have yet to go mainstream. Clunky form factors, eye-straining monocular displays, poor processing power and resolution, and difficult-to-master controls are just a few of the issues holding back AR devices. Additionally, a Forbes article suggests that marketing problems could also be interrupting progress. Just what problem do smartglasses address? Why do I need it? These are questions that must be answered for the public to adopt AR with the same candor as the smartphone revolution. Lucyd is addressing all of these issues with its unique technology advantage.

Fortunately, Lucyd is addressing both the technology and marketing fronts of AR. On the technology side, our smartglasses are built on a portfolio of 13 symbiotic patents from the renowned College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida. These patents were invented largely by Dr. Jannick Rolland, a Lucyd advisor and a world-class optical engineer. Years of dedicated research went into Lucyd patents, and it shows in their incredible potential. Lucyd Lens smartglasses will fix many of the major problems in today’s AR displays. They have flush microdisplays instead of external AR units, they accommodate prescription lenses, auto-adjust to lighting conditions, have multiple control methods, and harness the processing power and data signal of the user’s smartphone. It all adds up to the first sleek, unibody smartglasses that look and feel just like regular spectacles. Except Lucyd Lens will change how you see the world.

We are also presenting Lucyd in a way that shows all of AR’s potential to the public. The truly handsfree computing offered by Lucyd Lens will drastically improve the way we do many personal and professional tasks. Imagine voice-navigated internet browsing, eye-controlled apps, a heads-up car dashboard and GPS, visually enhanced surroundings, instant communication, and seamless connectivity with the Internet of Things–all in a single device. Smartglasses are not just going to be a necessary device for the connected individual, they are going to evolve human sight itself. If any bit of information is missing from your real world experience, Lucyd Lens can fill that void with relevant information. This is all while allowing the user to be more comfortable and aware than when completing similar tasks on a smartphone. Once you have the cloud right before your eyes, in a pleasing, hi-res interface, you will get the Lucyd dream.



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