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What are polarized sunglasses?

Whether you have a glasses prescription or not, we think that everybody should have access to our fantastic Bluetooth sunglasses and the many benefits they bring. That's why we sell sunglasses with polarized lenses as well as prescription lenses. 

Let's look at what polarized sunglasses are, how they work, and what benefits you can expect from your Lucyd model.


What is glare?

Light reflects off every surface it comes into contact with. The angle it hits the surface will impact the angle it bounces off. Glare occurs when light is reflected straight into your eyes.

You’ve probably heard this term before, particularly if you wear prescription glasses, as they can add a film to your glasses to reduce it. That’s effectively what polarized lenses are. 


How do polarized sunglasses work? 

The film embedded in polarized sunglasses filters light and blocks some of it from passing through the lens and into your eyes. These sunglasses will only let light rays traveling vertically hit your eyes and filter out all light traveling horizontally. 

While wearing polarized sunglasses, you’ll notice that things seem a little darker than usual (as with all sunglasses) but that things are also cleaner and crisper.

What are polarized sunglasses?

Are polarized lenses worth it?

We think so, so much so that all of the glasses and sunglasses we sell at Lucyd come with polarized lenses. In addition to filtering out glare, polarized sunglasses can help relieve eye strain. In turn, you may find that you feel less tired because your eyes aren’t fighting so hard to combat glare.

If you're the sporty type, you'll be glad to hear that polarized sunglasses can also improve your performance there. They work particularly well at reducing the glare caused by light bouncing off water, so if you're into boating, fishing, or even skiing, you'll likely benefit from polarized sunglasses.

If you prefer outdoor sports that don't involve water, such as cycling, archery, or shooting, you'll still reap the benefits when you opt for this type of sunglasses.

Pro tip If you enjoy an active lifestyle, we recommend our Lucyd Sport model.


Polarized smart sunglasses from Lucyd

We’ve talked about some of the benefits of opting for polarized sunglasses, but we haven’t mentioned why you should buy them from Lucyd. 

Firstly, we have three different models to choose from, including a variety of frame and lens shapes, so there’s guaranteed to be something you’ll fall in love with. You can further customize your order by changing up the color of the lens. 

Our sunglasses will look spectacular in all seasons, so whether you’re sunbathing in summer or catching a bit of winter sun, you can rely on looking fabulous.

All of our frames also come with Bluetooth as standard. That means that you can connect them to your phone, take calls, use audio assistance, and stream music. The best part is that you can manage everything through the touch controls on the arms of your frames; touching your phone isn't necessary. 

In addition, the glasses have a long battery life. At 6.5-8 hours of playback per charge, Lucyd Lyte glasses outpace most, if not all, of the competition on battery life and, if you're listening to music, you can still hear everything going on around you thanks to the air conduction technology in our frames. 

Have we convinced you? 

Awesome, why not shop the range of frames, polarized lenses, and accessories online and get them delivered straight to your door?

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