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Microsoft Wants To Bring Augmented Reality To Internet Search

                                                            (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Though they may seem to be opposite in nature, one could argue that art and technology actually go hand in hand. From memes to YouTube videos to professional photography, the internet is an open landscape where human creativity can flourish.

As the next frontiers of the digital revolution, augmented and virtual reality share this potential for artistic expression also. At the Annual Bing Agency Awards last Thursday, one artist showcased his digital sculptures fueled by Bing searches. As members from the audience inputted search queries into Bing, digital frameworks came to life as they filled out with searches from the users. 

Responsible for the convergence of art and technology were 3d sculptor Michael Murphy and Feelr, an interactive digital agency. By combining the Bing API into their AR content development platform, Murphy was able to combine thousands of images into a beautiful mosaic of search query-themed artwork.

In a statement following the event, Murphy had this to say:

“With the use of search, we have been able to design an experience where viewers are in control of the content. I believe that, with this visualization of search, Feelr and I have stumbled upon a new platform for creative expression and a new way of presenting data.”

Bu according to some Microsoft executives, this artistic display is more than just a publicity stunt. Geoffrey Colon, head of one of Microsoft’s advertising departments, seems to think that internet searches have the potential to be more than just clicking a few keys on your keyboard. 

“Search technology, though, has largely remained static: You type some words into a box and it gives you links to the information you need. But what if Search becomes an experience unto itself? This is where we think it could be heading.”

While it’s entirely possible that Microsoft is just unnecessarily complicating what is currently viewed as a simple procedure for gathering information, they may be onto something. Even to this day, hardcore computer users claim that Windows is slow and bloated — despite being responsible for singlehandedly making the overall computing experience much more mainstream.

Is Microsoft onto something with their combination of augmented reality and search querying? What do you think? Let us know in a comment!

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