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Lucyd’s secret weapon isn’t our patents–it’s the Dream Team.

Plenty of startups tout disruptive tech. But in business you bet on the jockey, not the horse.

Lucyd is sitting on a wealth of AR patents, 13 synergistic optics technologies to be exact. Our technology is truly revolutionary, and is capable of being the foundation for the first comfortable, mainstream smartglasses. But tech isn’t everything–you also need a knowledgeable, dedicated team to bring a project of this magnitude to the mass market. The Dream Team is our friendly nickname for the group of AR/optics powerhouses, entrepreneurial savants and creative  juggernauts that keep Lucyd rolling full steam ahead to the future of AR.

How did we pull together this uniquely capable team of Lucyd dreamers? It wasn’t difficult–pretty much everyone we’ve shown the project to jumped at the opportunity to come aboard. Our exciting mission to bring AR public and decentralize its development has taken root across the world, as we continue to get raucous support on just about every platform we are active on. The Dream Team is working around the clock to bring AR public, and with your support during the LCD token sale we will be that much closer to bringing you the first user-friendly smartglasses.

The road to a prototype.

Getting started wasn’t easy, but we’re well on our way to building the first smartglasses you will actually wear. Everyone on the team is going all out to solve the biggest problems in AR, get Lucyd Lens on store shelves, and get everyone contributing to the AR revolution with the Lucyd Lab blockchain. (See our other blogs for more information about Lucyd tech & blockchain.) But how are we actually going to accomplish this? Simply put, the experts on the Dream Team are doing whatever it takes to make accessible, ergonomic AR a reality.

Our mission is clear, but let’s break down the actual roadmap to Lucyd Lens, and how our team is going to reach each milestone.

HARDWARE: Most of Lucyd’s core technology comes from a suite of patents developed at the renowned College of Optics & Photonics at the University of Central Florida. Furthermore, the lead inventor on 12 of our 13 patents in on hand as a Lucyd advisor, ensuring we can properly execute her designs in the finished product. Dr. Jannick Rolland is this inventor, and you can read more about her distinguished work in optics and AR on our about page. Dr. Rolland spent years of well-funded research on our patent portfolio, has already developed the central optical system that will be used in Lucyd Lens. Further development of Lucyd hardware will begin immediately after the presale, when we will engage our Optics Lead, Commercialization Lead, a leading optics manufacturer and our panel of AR advisors to build the Lens body and integrate it with Dr. Rolland’s designs. Dr. Rolland’s work in AR is represented in our world-class patent portfolio, and in combination with the Dream Team will make our blockchain-powered smartglasses a reality. If you find it hard to believe that one dedicated expert could have such an impact on AR, consider that every smartphone in the world essentially has Steve Jobs as a common denominator.

FIRMWARE/OS: This is captured mostly by the Lucyd app. The Lucyd smartphone companion app acts as the motherboard and cellular modem for the Lens. We have already begun to develop the Logyc OS, and you can see a sneak peak of it above. We are planning a basic, tablet-like AR operating system for the Lens. The combination team of our App Development Lead, Media Lead and graphic designer are working together to make an AR interface that feels fresh, natural and intuitive. In addition to the core interface, we are going to develop a suite of basic apps, dev kits and functions to make the Lens ready to go right out of the box, and to give 3rd party developers the tools they need to take it to the next level.

SOFTWARE: Discussion on Lucyd-native software begins and ends with Lucyd Lab blockchain. We are going to build a global AR app ecosystem that will let anyone contribute to the development of Lucyd Lens, and reward them for doing so based on community appraisal. A combination of our Blockchain Lead, Media Lead, and cryptocurrency contractors are designing the Lab to be the easiest way ever to develop, share and experience AR native content. In order for the blockchain to function correctly in the long term, Lucyd needs control over the app ecosystem. So although Lens will be compatible with existing smartphone content and apps, AR native content will primarily be developed and accessed entirely within the Lens (desktop dev kits will also be available). The goal of the Lab is to organiclly drive creation of new AR content by the public, for the public.

In sum, everyone behind Lucyd has a key role in its development. But it’s our singularly strong skills, experience and cooperation that make us the Dream Team.

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