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Lucyd Loud Featured On Diaro Las Américas!

Lucyd Loud Featured On Diaro Las Américas!

Hey #LucydFam!

Our Lucyd Loud frame was recognized by Diario Las Américas this past week! The Diario is one of the most popular and internationally recognized Spanish-language newspapers. Here is a translation of the article:

In a society where we are always looking for the next technological advancement to facilitate our daily lives, Lucyd Loud was described as an innovation of the future. Through the power Bluetooth, Lucyd Loud allows you to listen to music, answer phone calls, and use voice automation on your phone from programs like Siri to send text messages and use any voice command enabled apps. Its bone conduction technology sends the vibrations of sound directly to the skull where they then translate into sound waves, making for a crisp, clear sound. 

Lucyd Loud eliminates the need for headphones and makes it possible for you to use your phone's favorite features completely hands free. But Lucyd's innovation will not stop there. Moving forward we are hoping to using cutting-edge technology to create the glasses of the future. We have several patented technologies that we are hoping to develop into glasses that can project AR images while still allowing the user to have the normal functions of sun or prescription glasses. At Lucyd, the future of eyewear technology is not so distant. 

To check out the original article in Spanish, click here! In addition to our recent feature on Telemundo, and our partnering with Brazilian eyewear co. VisionForYou, Lucyd is making great strides to capture the Latin market!

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