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iAR Gaming Startup Illumix Raises $8.6M To Create AAA AR Gaming Titles

Kirin Sinha, CEO of Illumix (Credit: Illumix)

Many of the technological advancements in computer graphics are a direct result of the gaming industry. Gaming companies are constantly pushing the limits of their hardware, increasing polygon counts and trying to provide a more pleasant dopamine-releasing experience for gamers overall. And as augmented reality becomes more popular, we are beginning to see this thought process applied to that industry as well. 

Illumix, an augmented reality startup based out of Menlo Park, California, has just raised nearly $9m to develop augmented reality games. Taking advantage of major smartphone manufacturers increasing support for augmented reality, they’ve stated that their differentiating factor is how realistic their virtual objects look compared to their competitors.

The investment round was lead by VC firms Maveron, Lightspeed, Radar Partners and Unusual Ventures. 451 Media, cofounded by Hollywood director Michael Bay, is also reported to have made an investment. 

CEO of Illumix, Kirin Sinha, made this official statement:

“This is the world that I live in all of the time. The idea that there could be this other world, with the freedom of digital interspersed into the grounded nature of our world, has always been something I’ve thought about. I’m so thrilled to announce the company. AR gaming really allows us to redefine how we look at our world and our role in it. We can be more powerful and involved as the protagonists in our own stories.”

Still in its infancy, the playing field for augmented reality gaming startups is still fairly level. Other than Pokemon Go, most mobile gamers would likely be hard-pressed to name another game that uses AR. Illumix hopes to change all that by combining the best features of AAA titles (in-depth storyline, character development, and open world exploring) with a top of the line gaming experience. 

Will Illumix become the Bethesda or EA of the gaming world? Only time will tell.

What do you think about Illumix’s upcoming AAA augmented reality gaming titles?

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