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Breaking Down The Lucyd Styles

At Lucyd, we offer you innovative smart eyewear. Not only do these smart audio glasses offer you some of the best technology, but they’re also incredibly stylish. With several frame shapes and over 15 coloured lenses to choose from, you can customise your Lucyd glasses as you wish. 

To help you get better acquainted with our Lucyd glasses, we’ve created a breakdown of our different frames to help you decide which glasses will suit your the best. 

Lucyd Lyte 

The Lucyd Lytes come in two styles, each of which offers Bluetooth technology and other smart features like polarised UV400 lenses. These glasses are perfect for everyday wearing. 

The Wayfarer-style glasses come in three colours, darkside, eclipse and lytening. This design has a thicker frame and is semi square-shaped, which makes them great for people with an oval or round face.

The second Lucyd Lyte style offers a slightly rounder shape with a thick frame, which makes them a great style for people with a square-shaped face. As with the previous style, these glasses come in three colours, moonshot, moonbeam and sunbeam. 

Breaking Down The Lucyd Styles

Lyte Titanium

The Lyte Titanium comes in three styles, all of which have a lightweight titanium frame. This material also offers enhanced flexibility.  

The Skyward and Starman both have a square-shaped frame as well as adjustable nose pads and frontplates. 

The Antimatter glasses have a wire-rimmed frame and come in a typical Aviator design, making them perfect for those looking for a sporty or adventurous look. 

Last but not least, the Polaris style comes in a round frame with a thin wire rim. These work well for people with a square-shaped face. 

Breaking Down The Lucyd Styles

Lyte Sport 

The Lyte Sport frames come in two colours, black (Nitrous) and White (0°). These frames have a more rectangular shape, giving you greater temporal sight. They also are made of a strong, plastic-style frame, which makes them perfect for those looking to wear glasses while they play sports. 

Breaking Down The Lucyd Styles

Which style do you like the best?

Now that you know a bit more about the styles of eyewear we offer at Lucyd, it’s time for you to choose which frames you like the best and start enjoying all the benefits of using Bluetooth audio smart glasses. 

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