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Back to School Sale! 50% off ALL FRAMES and New Loyalty Program.

Back to School Sale! 50% off ALL FRAMES and New Loyalty Program.

Hey Lucyd fam!

We are pleased to announce a 50% discount on all of our frames from now until the end of September. It's the perfect opportunity to pick up a new pair of glasses for the youngsters in your life. Don't forget, when we're young, our prescriptions change as often as every year. We made it easy to select a new frame for young ones, just check out the new Youth section on 

After significant testing, we have determined that Lucyd Loud Slim is ideal for youth 11-17. So if you want to help get your kids' eyes off their phones and back on the world, consider giving them a Loud Slim! You can find all 10 colors in the Youth section. A number of free, classic audiobooks that often appear in school curricula are available on our Resources page. These audiobooks can all be streamed and listened to in Lucyd Loud glasses!

One more thing--see that little gift icon in the bottom right? That's our new rewards program! Accrue LCDx points just by sharing about Lucyd, and spend them on awesome discounts and freebies. Those of you who participated in our crowdfund can exchange regular LCD tokens for rewards by contacting us at

That's all for now fam!

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