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Lucyd Affiliate Quick-Start Guide

Lucyd Affiliate Quick-Start Guide

Hey #lucydfam! Just want to share a quick how-to for the Lucyd Affiliate program. We’re glad to have you aboard. Time to get started earning money with Lucyd eyewear!

1. Terms
Affiliates can cancel their involvement at any time. Affiliates are paid via the following:

A) Any sale off your link within 90 days of referral following it: 7% commission, paid in 30 days arrears.

B) Any subscriber off your link nets $.50, paid in 30 days arrears.

C) Any time you get a potential Lucyd Reseller to order a distributor kit, you get $200-400 immediately, based on the value of the lead. You also get 7% commission on all purchases that Reseller makes for one year after ordering the kit. To introduce a reseller to Lucyd, send a group email to them and with “Reseller Introduction” in subject. The reseller kit costs $119+shipping and includes two Lucyd Louds, a print catalog, a physical Loud display unit, and a window decal or poster.

D) For complete terms, see your respective affiliate portal.

2. Policies
Affiliates should abide by the following. See terms and conditions in your affiliate portal for complete rules of engagement.

A) You may direct any and all customer support issues to for resolution in one business day.

B) If a referral returns his product before payout, we reserve the right to cancel the payout.

C) You may use approved Lucyd materials in your promotional efforts, including all images in this pack, as well as others produced by Lucyd— simply cite the copyright as ours and check if unsure about a particular creative at To use an existing creative, simply add “©2018 Lucyd, All Rights Reserved” to the image (see included files).

D) You may use banner ads and other high exposure platforms to share your referral link. Sites like provide a tremendous amount of traffic at a very low cost.

E) You may share the following promo codes ONLY, discovery of you using other codes with your link may result in termination of agreement, unless given specific permission by Lucyd. Acceptable codes as of 11/15/2018: (UPGRADE / $15 off) (LUCYDREAM / 10% off)

F) All affiliates should be engaged via Shareasale or Leaddyno, these are our only two approved platforms.

G) Do your best to represent the Lucyd brand positively. Our mission is to deliver innovative glasses with impeccable service.

H) Do not mention any products other than the ones currently available on You may say that Lucyd is developing more innovative eyewear for the future, but do not get into specifics.

I) We will put out a weekly affiliate newsletter starting next Friday. 

J) If you have any questions, reach out to!

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