Lucyd Lyte 2.0 Now Available!

Now with 12 hours of music per charge!

Charge your glasses, watch & phone together with the Dock!



Thanks for your interest in working with us. We are ready to help you bring smart eyewear to your customers or audience.

The Lucyd reseller program allows you to easily stock Lucyd frames for retail sale. We provide frames to you at the wholesale rate, for resale however you choose–online or off. The only limit is that you can't list on Amazon.com or Walmart.com, and you must have a business that already sells eyewear or audio products. Reseller orders can easily be placed in our wholesale portal. We provide tech and warranty support to you final customers, and our 1-year warranty begins at final retail sale. We have a 30-day moneyback guarantee on all wholesale orders to ensure your customers enjoy our products before committing. You can even use Lucyd.co for Rx fulfillment - just reach out to have a custom order built. Get in touch below and we'll get you started with a Store Intro Kit.

Need to download the latest version of the try-on kiosk software? Get it here. Get the login from your Lucyd rep.



Next up is our retail affiliate program. That allows you to share a link or discount code to our site and if someone purchases, you gain 10% of the sale paid via Paypal or Venmo. Visitors are tracked for 30 days. 

We also have a Wholesale Affiliate program, contact us for more information on referring wholesale accounts. We provide attractive, long-term commissions for those who refer wholesale clients such as optical stores, sunglass kiosks and electronics shops.